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    After a year of lurking, reading, enjoying, I have finally decided to register. A bit about me. I am 65, female, living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I have been married for 45 years, and we have 4 children and 10 grandkids so far. Family is the most important thing for me, so I want to be around for a long time to continue to enjoy them. My third daughter posted today that she is eating a ton of veggies daily now, in an attempt to lose the baby weight from her third daughter. When she was a child she would only eat peas, and sometimes lettuce, so she has come a long way. Her husband has been Paleo for several years now.

    I have managed family diets for 45 years. My husband was allergic to eggs, wheat, milk, yeast, and corn when we first married. I quickly learned to read labels. It is amazing how much stuff out there, even then, contained corn in some form.

    Later, a couple of my kids were pretty hyperactive. I memorized the Feingold diet. It really helped. I still believe that preservatives, food color, and other additives contribute to hyperactivity. I have cooked from scratch for 45 years now, so that was not a big stretch for me.

    My husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2004. He was treated with radiation, seeds, and hormone therapy, and is cancer free now. However, the hormone therapy helped him to put on a bunch of weight. So we started the south Beach diet. He even went out and bought copies of it for the kids. He lost some weight, but then started back on the bread, potatoes, sweets, etc. and is now big.

    I quit smoking 8 years ago, and started to put on the weight. It crept up slowly, but by last summer I knew I had to do something. I started to research Paleo because I knew my son-in-law had great success with it. I found Mark's Daily Apple, and have read it daily ever since. I started September last year, and lost about 25 lbs., by Christmas. I still have some to go, but feel much better. I am at least 80% Primal, but am going stronger now as I still have some to lose. Reading about the 85? year old success story inspired me to join.

    In late October last year I fell in the bathroom and hit my side against the top of the tub. Due to concerns of liver damage from the fall, I had a CT scan from neck to groin. No liver damage, not much else, but they found a pulmonary embolism, and later a deep vein thrombosis. I am now on blood thinners. The thing I hated most about the hospital was the food. It is very hard to remain Paleo in the hospital, but I did it. (I won't even talk about the roommate from hell.)

    I walk a lot. We are 6 miles from the beach, so I will drive out there and walk the beach, barefoot, a few days per week. When it is a bit cooler I also like to walk at a local preserve. I bike, I do yoga, and I am getting back into squats and pushups.

    My husband says he is not going to join the "cult", but I can now live with his bread, potatoes, peanut butter, pasta, etc. I cook Paleo dinners, and he is on his own otherwise. We generally eat out once a week, usually for lunch. Great seafood restaurants around here, and now they don't even look crosseyed when you ask for the grilled fish sandwich without the bun. Progress!

    One other diet over the years. My dog is a Border Collie/Black Lab mix, and has skin allergies like crazy. We put him on a gluten free diet a few years ago, and it has made all the difference. He gets dry food with salmon, sweet potatoes and berries, and canned food with meat or fish and veggies. So he went Paleo before I did.

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    Welcome from a fellow Floridian!


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      Welcome! You're doing great! :-)


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        Welcome! Always great to hear from another "senior" (I'm 71). I hear you about being around for the kids. I have a new grandson due in 3 weeks. I have to stay healthy to be part of his life.
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          Glad you are on board, from another 60+ person. Sounds like you are doing quite well with PB, just hope your husband will reconsider his "cult" position. I hope your husband joins you for some of the exercise you are getting. This is one "cult" he ought to reconsider, it has led to a huge improvement in my situation, it may do the same for him.
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            Thanks everyone for the greetings. Between back issues and other stuff DH is not walking with me. I tend to walk fairly fast also. I am going to try to get him on a bike this fall, so we can go bike some of the great trails around here.


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              Congrats on helping your fuzzy buddy feel better.
              A species appropriate diet has done wonders for my cats.


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                Hi kris, it was great to read your story and I look forward to more of your posts.
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                  Hi Kris,
                  Read your journal, and welcome. I am a newbie too, and 62, female from Northern VA. Started PB 7/20 and finding this works for me! Need to improve on the walking and workouts, but have made the grain/sugar dump and losing weight without struggling
                  Keep up the good work - its worth it.