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mel goes primal. again..



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  • mel goes primal. again..


    i need motivation like whoa.
    at the end of this month i will turn 28, and i feel like i'm turning 50!
    i struggle with migraines, infertility, poor posture, and this is going to sound crazy, but i'm not flexible at all so my legs ache from tightness.
    it's time to make a change!!
    i know paleo works because i have seen it work for my mom and my sister-in-law. they both look amazing. i'm not sure if they had "health issues" prior to starting paleo or if they just wanted to lose weight. but from all that i have read over the last couple of years, people have truly been healed of different things that held them back from living a full life before.
    i'm ready to feel and look 28.
    i'm not sure if my original and only post shows from when i first joined this forum, but i will say again - i am a bank teller. it's a rough job. hard on the body. hard on the eyes. hard on the spirit. i believe good things are coming for me, but i know that i have to do my part to make that happen. ideally i would like to be a healthy stay-at-home mama.
    but before that can happen, i need to make some big changes both in my diet and my fitness.
    here's to 28!
    thank you, community, for your invaluable support!


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    Welcome! Good luck!
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      Hi Mel,
      First, read the success stories - as many as you can - read a few each day. They will get you motivated. Read the Primal Blueprint guides. And dive in. that's what I did in mid-july, I started with the 21 day challenge, and at the end of 14 days realized that this works for me! So far, since starting 7/20 to now, 9/5, I have lost 15+ pounds and I am 62, female and 5'7. 15 pounds, more than I have on other plans and it feels great. I did track my foods for the first 3 weeks (my fitness pal)so I could get an idea as to what my plate should look like. I don't have to track now, although every once in a while, I do, just to make sure I am within my planned amounts and I totally gave up grains/sugars - i am doing low carb, mod protein and high fat. If you find that you are hungry, check to see if you had enough fat - usually if I make sure I have enough fat, I just don't get hungry.
      Hubby is doing with me, and he had the more dramatic changes re: health issues and improvements, but I have also noticed that I don't have acid reflux anymore, my hair, which had been thinning terribly is now thicker and has body and I just feel more energetic.
      Keep on, one day at a time,