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Needing to gain muscle, protein/calories etc. Help appreciated thanks!



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  • Needing to gain muscle, protein/calories etc. Help appreciated thanks!

    Greetings everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this in advance!

    I'm a male, very young 42, 131 pounds. I've been primal for about 10 weeks, and getting off of grains has just been great, not to mention finally finding a eating lifestyle that doesn't leave me hungry. Unfortunately I started at 144 pounds and I've lost to much weight, though my goal was really to just eat healthier as I wasn't looking to shed excess fat. Coupled with the aforesaid, my activity levels over the last six months have significantly dropped due to the type of field of self employment business I'm in (Title Abstracter O&G industry), nevertheless it was easy for me to eat and be satisfied meeting what low activity levels I have (yeah I know I should've been exercising lol) with 40-70 grams of carbs a day, I wasn't even counting. Being that I look like I'm withering away currently, I recently hooked up with a trainer (2 days ago), and obviously recognizing that exercising is key, along with the fact that my appetite should naturally increase. To my dismay my trainer isn't big on primal/paleo, and I did tell him, when he was asking concerning building my nutrition plan, what I would not eat, and I simply said Grains/Dairy, he did not let me know that he wasn't in agreement with the primal/paleo until after he got paid. I now have this nutrition plan that is 50% grains and dairy, with requirements of 1850-2000 calories, 150-200 carbs and 150-200 protein grams a day. I'm not going back to grains-, in lieu of that nutritional blasphemy, I've built my own plan, but at best I'm only coming up with 1300-1400 calories, 110 carbs and 146.3 protein grams a day, with that said, to gain muscle and get back to 144 pounds, or actually my target goal of 150 pounds of lean Grokness, can I use my plan? Is it enough on all levels? How much protein do I need to gain muscle at my current weight a day in grams? Do I need to concern myself with calories? At this point, intuitively somehow in my gut I don't think it should be this difficult, this just seems to be to much, I'm not going to be able to jump to that intake of food in a day realistically, but moreover I don't want to consume more protein then I actually need, along with any unnecessary calorie loading. I'm happy that I will have a trainer for the weightlifting part and am looking forward to getting back in shape, however any and all advice on the aforementioned questions is greatly in advanced appreciated, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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    It all depends what your body can handle. I personally get extra calories by eating potatoes, rice, and dairy. Everyone's body will respond differently but those three work for me. If you can handle dairy, a few tall glasses of whole fat milk would do the trick.

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