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HIIT with rowing machine and kettle bells?



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  • HIIT with rowing machine and kettle bells?

    So a new boutique gym (a dime a dozen in Chicago) just opened a block from me and they look to be doing classes with rowers and kettle bells. I've seen plenty of HIIT classes that are primarily treadmills and bodyweight, which never interested me, but curious if anyone has ever tried something like this.

    I normally hate classes but this one is very close and appears to only hold a half-dozen folks or so.

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    Try it and let us know. I'd do it at least once to try it out. A rower is no joke and I like KBs.

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      If the primary KB exercise is the swing, these two together seem somewhat redundant as they are both hip hinges. Do you know how they program the KB exercises?
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