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The Iron Cobra - A Prone Cobra Without The Pain!



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  • The Iron Cobra - A Prone Cobra Without The Pain!

    Hey Everyone!

    I just wrote a blog, with a YouTube video, detailing problems I have with the prone cobra pose, often taught in yoga. It's not that it's a terrible exercise, it's just that it can be an exercise that causes back pain for a lot of people.

    In the blog I detail a prone cobra variation that I like to call the "Iron Cobra". It's easier on the back, improves posture, and might be a great addition to your training routine.

    Take a look here!

    - Tim
    Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

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    I like the video and the variant of the pose you describe, but isn't this really a mod of the locust? The Cobra (typically) is done with the hands up by the shoulders pushing up off the floor.

    Still a good variation of the pose, I'm just wondering whether the naming you are using might be confusing.
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