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P90X- results people have had?

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    Hi befitby40......just my 2 cents worth but muscle confusion is really just a fitness industry buzzword and marketing hype. Initial gains made by changing variables are often just neural adaptations to the new exercise, which lead to strength gains, not muscular adaptations. The fitness industry is driven by profit. Supplements need replacing often. A good exercise routine less so. This is my opinion why muscle confusion was born. It requires frequent changes in routine and the necessity of an "expert" trainer to write and implement them. In the history of athletics and strength training there are many examples of strong people who got that way with little if any variety. Even cross training has been proved not to work for making gains in ones primary activity. When Dr Ken Leistner asked Norb Schemansky how he could improve his press overhead, expecting some program with many facets, he was simply told unceremoniously, "just press".


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      Also just another point to the thread in general. I think that Mr Horton and the company that promote this stuff have recognised that there is a problem surrounding the time commitment and sustainability issues. On British TV I've also seen a program designed by Mr Horton called "10 minute trainer". The adverts seem to promise similar results. ( as they all seem to do ) with the added incentive of being an excuse buster due to it being much shorter in duration. If all these programs promise similar results then the solution seems simple to me. The only real time investment needed is that which is required for some initial research, then design your own program to fit your own strengths and weaknesses, preferences and lifestyle. Only you know your own particular circumstances. You are best qualified to be your own trainer. You can best evaluate progress or lack of it and can make changes accordingly. Even a one to one Personal Trainer can't do that as well as yourself. These dvd programs ( Insanity, P90x 10 Minute Trainer etc ) are a bit one size fits all in their concept. Everything works and nothing works. There are almost as many training styles as there are trainers. Each has their champions, and each have their large section of failures. Genetics are more responsible than anything else for success and responsiveness to a program. You see all the before and after photos on the adverts. Of course they are only going to highlight the high responders. They are not going to give details of the many who got bored, burned out or got injured, but they may outnumber the successes by a factor of 10 or more. Although I do love this site and respect Mr Sisson and what he is trying to do, and agree with practically everything he says, even he wouldn't highlight the failures on his weekly lifestyle stories. Just wouldn't be good for business. It makes sense. Just remember to factor this variable into your thinking when you are weighing up whether or not to buy a book, dvd or follow a particular approach.


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        if you dont get any results from doing of push ups, pull ups, or squats for 45-60 minutes a day 4X a week (which pretty much sums up P90X), it will not be because the program doesn't work. P90X is a good program for people who don't want to go to a gym and/or have difficulty pushing them selves when and if they ever do workout.


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          I haven't done P90X but I am starting Power 90 this Sunday to work my way up to it. Not so worried about building muscle as just get in unreal shape and getting lean. That and having great cardio for the zombie apocalypse would be awesome
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            I have done 4 rounds of P90X and 1 of Insanity
            although I have lost 60 pounds I am not quite there yet, I DID NOT FOLLOW THE DIETS LIKE I SHOULD HAVE, good programs , but follow the Primal Blueprint you will do better.. Follow the dite for 95% of the time and you will rock!
            I have for the last 6 weeks, lost that nagging pants size that took 3 months to lose and I am on Fire!

            Check out the article I posted today, it is all about getting enough good fats!

            Bring it Friends !!

            X Mike

            Daily Ratios of Fats, Carbs & Protein, The Primal Blueprint ~ X MIKE