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Ankle keeps clicking! Why? Dangerous?



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  • Ankle keeps clicking! Why? Dangerous?

    Recently my right ankle has been clicking alot when I run. Like sometimes EVERY STEP!!

    Doesn't hurt, and I know generally clicking your joints isn't bad but this is excessive and annoying!

    Has anyone else had this?


    Could I have a joint problem?


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    Sometimes I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies with my "snap crackle pop!"

    Technically, it is the peroneal tendons slipping in and out of the groove behind the bone sticking out on the outside of the ankle. Medically, it’s known as peroneal subluxation. It is caused by rolling your ankle when you run or from other sports injuries, sprains, etc.

    Mine do it from old sports injuries incurred during football, basketball, track and baseball.

    Doing Mark's mobility exercises for the ankles really cuts down on the clicking noise. Also, walking barefoot or in VFF's as much as possible has significantly reduced the occurrence. Upping my fat has probably helped as well. The main thing I do is the ankle mobility exercises and riding bike also seems to help get things moving/flowing.
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      Mine only clicks when I get up after laying or sitting for extended periods of time. It's also on the ankle that's been sprained eleventy billion times, so I'm sure that helped cause it. It doesn't hurt, I don't feel anything, so I never worried about it. Kinda figured it was tendon/ ligament rubbing on bone, just by the way I could see it move. That and my crooked pinkies are a fun way to gross out squeamish folks though.
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        This happens to me once in a while... its at very random times. I don't recall hearing it since I have purchased my vibrams and been barefoot recently...
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          Thanks! Ive never had injuries there, and have been barefooting for a while now. Its just weird when you run past someone clicking on every step.... they look well spooked. I do eat a fair bit of fat and its not like any other joint is suffering so not sure ill up that yet.

          But doesn't sound like a chronic joint problem?? Which is a relief!

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