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  • 2 firsts at once

    I got an interval timer today in the mail and decided to try a Tabata workout. had never done one before.
    choose sledgehammer and old tire since i had both.
    so first tabata type workout, and first sledghammer (have used them for entended purpose before) workout.

    wow, I am sure this HAS to be good for me

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    damned straight! nice man, I love my interval timer too - helpful for so many things.
    was it pretty hardcore? I've never done sledgehammer swings but I did tabata sprints and nearly died - a blissful death.


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      Sounds fun.... and I'm sure it is good for you!


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        Which timer did you get? I have a round timer, but it's broken.


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          Allbeef: I don't know which one the OP purchased, but the Gymboss timer is what I have and it's absolutely awesome.
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            Thanks. That one looks great. I had the Everlast round timer and the first time the batteries died I couldn't get it back together after changing them. Plus you're limited to two or three minute rounds with half or one minute rests.


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              I also have a gymboss and know a number of people with it... it rocks!

              as far as sledgehammer tabatas go... AWESOME!


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                it is the gymboss timer.
                not sure i can really put words around it... Just really kind of stunned that i can get that kind of heart workout without running. just really enjoyed the feeling of strengthening my heart without putting on running shoes and hitting the road. Also really enjoyed the fact i was working my upper body at the same time.