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Acupuncture given to animals

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  • Acupuncture given to animals

    There is a National Geographic story about acupuncture being given to pet animals, chiefly cats and dogs.

    Now of course no one can say that it's the placebo effect when a treatment works on an animal, and it sounds like it can work at least sometimes.

    Acupuncture isn't something I'd be likely to contemplate. I think you have to be very sure that the practitioner knows what he's doing: hospital X-rays have shown up broken-off needles in people. But it's certainly interesting - as are many other "alternative" therapies. Many are likely bunkum; some are certainly not.

    Treatments like this are possibly "primal", too. The "Iceman", the Copper-Age body discovered frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991, had tattoo marks on his body. These marks are over acupuncture "trigger points", not where they'd be expected if the tattoos were for display. The Iceman also suffered from some ailments that might have benefitted from some treatment of the sort.

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    I have to say that my 14-year-old dog gets accupuncture for arthritis/hip dysplasia. It does help her--we've been doing it for over a year, and she has improved and maintained her mobility quite nicely.

    Interesting about the trigger points on the Iceman.