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  • Feeling great about the day

    Back from the park. The weather was nice but it did get much hotter so I didn't get all the conditioning I wanted to do.

    Started with sprint drills. Sprint at 100% effort, stopping when I feel an involuntary deceleration and then launching into 10 Hindu pushups and 15 Hindu squats, then catch my breath (but spend no more than 3 minutes doing so). Repeat x5. (The fifth time I could only do 6 hindu pushups and 10 hindu squats without collapsing)

    Rest for 15 - 20 minutes (I was wiped out!). Update facebook like an addict.

    followed by various bodyweight isometric holds... and then some dancing... it was really rather bizarre. (there was a random family picnic going on and the boys were having a dance-off I just jumped in and they didn't mind.)

    By then I was way too wiped out for anything meaningful so I spent about 10 minutes cooling down by just strolling around idly (insert dragging my feet crying for my mother). Just got home.

    Have a very quick coffee date later with some girl I met on campus and then I look forward to a quiet evening, perhaps video-chatting with far away friends, or perhaps with the nieces. I'm sure they have some silly movie (please let it not be a twilight movie!) that they're just dieing for me to watch.

    Hope you've all had a good day too.
    Not done yet...

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    Sounds awesome. I was just deciding what to do next and its beautiful here I SHOULD get outside.

    Gosh, I hope its not the Twilight movie either ;-)


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      are you in college, also?