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Could you please have a look at my workout routine and give me some feedback/advice?

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  • Could you please have a look at my workout routine and give me some feedback/advice?

    Hey guys, Im 16 and I wanted to start weight training.

    I have a set of dumbells at home with a decent amount of weight.
    I was wondering, could you rate the workout routine ive drafted.
    I was thinking somewhere around the 8-12 rep mark.

    Weight session.

    Dumbell Shoulder Press
    Dumbell Row
    Dumbell Squat
    Bicep Curl (I know, I know, not a compound exercise but muscle is muscle and it still has other health benifits)
    Pushups with dumbells. (to make it slightly harder. I dont have enough weight to make the bench press heavy enough/hard enough)

    Body weight session.

    Pike press
    Lunge/body weight squat

    Throw in some situps, planks etc.

    Weight session once a week and the body weight one a few days after it.

    What do you guys think? Im not just doing this for super strength but to gain the other benifits from muscle mass.
    .Increase Metobalism
    .Bone density increased
    .Stronger immunity
    .Astheticaly good looking

    Any comments are appreciated.

    P.S this is seperate from the cardio, walking stuff I do.

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    In my opinion, the entire weight section is redundant due to you doing pushups. Since you work more muscles doing pushups then you can doing all weighted upper body exercises put together then I would say it's best to do tons of pushups instead.
    You can get all the benefits you listed from doing BW. I've been doing BW for over 2 years myself, people ask if I've been to the gym, but I've never set foot in one before.
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      You're 16 right?

      Your future self will thank me for this:

      Click on these:

      Get inspired, start training, build your own equipment, go find a park and enjoy the open air while getting some good training in.

      Always listen to your body, at your age you should be able to work out frequently but if you're sore take a day off then come at it the next day. I'm living vicariously through you now young man! I wish I had seen this when I was your age. Best of luck player. Your current workout is fine, but start training your pullu ps, dips, etc, even if you don't pursue the stuff I posted those exercises are still important.

      Anyone else reading: It's never too late.
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        Brilliant suggestions for you there @LockieKermit. I wish I'd seen these when I was 16 too. As it is, I only discovered that pull-ups and pushups could get me in better shape than I've ever been about a year ago, when I was 38. You're one lucky lad - go build strength!
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          I like it. I'd do...

          Mon - DB routine
          Wed - Sprints
          Fri - BW routine


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            Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
            I like it. I'd do...

            Mon - DB routine
            Wed - Sprints
            Fri - BW routine
            Great suggestion too. The stuff I suggested can be made lower intensity and practiced on a daily basis (if you wish, young grasshopper) or you can try Arthur's approach but make your workouts more intense.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              i'd also look at site for ideas on building your own equipment and good bodyweight book (never gymless).

              For now... to make BW harder, you could just add a backpack full of books...


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                Homemand sand bags are a good cheap source of extra weight. A 40# bag costs around $4 at a hardware store. add that sand to smaller baggies and weight them out a 5# increments.

                the crossfit forums also have a lot of good ideas for homemade equipment.
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                  I can't recommend enough for advice on training at home.

                  I would make a pair of homemade dumbbells that you can adjust and work on heavy weight (5 rep range). This is what's going to tax your CNS.

                  We have one that can be loaded up to like 300lbs. made from spare parts.

                  Floor Presses
                  Bent Presses
                  Overhead Presses
                  DB Deadlifts
                  Turkish Get-Ups

                  you have a lot of options when you have the ability to increase the weight on your dumbbells.


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                    here, I found the link on how to make a bunch of different homemade equipment, including DBs



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                      wow thanks guys for the respones!! didn't think id get this much help. Ill take all your advice in, cheers. I might go to the park now and get a workout in!!!