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  • Everyday exercise.

    Hi guys, Mattman here.

    I've come to a realisation recently about my training, exercising and my body in general.

    Abit of background info first, I work at Iceland(have done for the past 5 years)and my job is basically made up of putting stock on shelves and serving customers at the tills.
    Obviously putting stock on shelves requires heavy lifting of boxes and other things.
    Lately whenever I've bent down to put stock out I've gone into a deep squat and stayed there as I put the stock out, constantly shifting my weight but never coming out of the squat, then when I stand up the glutes get tensed along with the rest of my lower body.
    On the tills(I stand)now I've begun to do calf raises and shin raises whenever there are no customers around, just a few sets here and there tend to add up. Even now as I'm sitting typing this I'm doing shin raises.
    Am also squeezing my glutes pretty much every second, getting them working in conjunction with my abs, has helped alot already.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I'm becoming alot more aware of the day to day workings of my body, the little things I do which have helped when it has come time to do my training.

    What about you guys? What little things do you do at your job, or just during the day, that help in the long run?

    This thread serves two purposes though. I'm also curious, what kind of exercises can I do daily?
    I find myself on my computer alot of time researching and reading, or resting from training, but the urge to workout or at least do something small always comes about after a while.
    What exercises are good to do daily? But they won't get so strenuous that I need to rest too often.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
    Here's my resolve.

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    Many proponents of body weight training (e.g. John Peterson and Charles Atlas) feel that daily training is natural and necessary. I've always preferred occasional days of rest or I get burned out.


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      I'm on hours-long conference calls almost every day when I'm not traveling and I love to do long stretches. Luckily I have a wireless headset so that I can go anywhere in my office. I do calf stretches, shoulder rolls, etc. So, you might incorporate some stretching into your work "work outs".