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  • Inspiration - The Thread

    Figured we could use a thread where we could post inspirational stories/videos to keep us training:

    This dude is 70:

    Gave me some great ideas. All the wall assisted work is a great way to hold the positions he's in. I'm trying that as soon as I get home.
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    Awesome! My parents have hiked to base camp of Mt Everest 2x since turning 60! (once at 60, and the second time @ 63) Every winter they spend most of the nice days snow skiiing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Their neighbor is 79 and still skiing daily too! There's this one 70 yo in town who 10yrs ago learned how to snowboard so he could hang with his grandkids. he's now one of the TOP snowboard instructors at SunValley... dude shreads up the mountain as good as Shawn White... he'll occasionally ride the 1/2pipe with his grandkids!
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      My father still runs and lifts at 73 and my mother is 74 and still runs to stay active despite having heart palpitations. They're not primal, but they are in great shape for their ages and they help keep me motivated to stay in shape for the rest of my life.


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        Hey there,

        I'm sure you've all seen this guy by now, every time I watch it I feel inspired. Super music too.



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          Danny Macaskill is epic
          I saw that video about a year back, even now it sends shivers up my spine.

          For all the traceurs(people who do Parkour)out there, you might be interested in this:
          Be sure to watch parts 2 and 3 afterwards also
          The day I'm that fluent in my movement I'll be eternally happy.
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            My great uncle rowed across the river to his island everyday of his life with two bales of hay for his cattle. Whenever he needed to bring a cow across he put her in the roawboat. I think he lived into his eighties.
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              My aunt and uncle are in their 80's and they are they young ones in their downhill club. They have a couple nonagenarians. We have video of my grandmother, looking darned good by the way, water skiing on one ski when she was 79. She was a beautiful woman. Lived well into her 90's.

              I wish I could move even a little bit like the guy on the parkour video. My daughter's boyfriend does parkour and it's interesting to take him anywhere. He goes over things instead of around. He's a character.
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                Originally posted by gingergenocide View Post
                Hey there,

                I'm sure you've all seen this guy by now, every time I watch it I feel inspired. Super music too.


                I've spent a lot of time since yesterday watching this dude. Thanks for posting!


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                  Danny MacAskill has a new video up:

                  Insanely good. I can't believe some of this stuff is real.