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VFFs: KSOs or Classics?

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  • VFFs: KSOs or Classics?

    I'm absolutely in love with my VFF KSOs. I do all my running/hiking/lifting in them. I don't really wear them around mostly because they're a giant pain in the butt to put on! I met someone wearing a pair of Classics the other day, and he could slip them on and off easy! My question is, how much "stuff" do the KSOs actually keep out? I think I'd prefer them cause they're easier to get on and off, but I do most of my training off road and in sand. I thought I "needed" to get KSOs but then I saw that vid of Mark doing beach sprints in Classics, now I don't know. Anyone have any input on this? How much "stuff" gets into the Classics?

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    I just spent four days in Yosemite wearing little else but my Classics (well, clothes too). Climbing a decent sized mountain for five hours left more than a few pebbles inside, but then again the descent featured a lot of gravel - and it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. I didn't find it to be a problem, even when my feet were completely covered in gravel. As you said, they're pretty easy to slip off and remove whatever's inside.

    As for just incidental walking, lifting, hiking, climbing? The Classics are awesome. Just avoid plunging your foot into gravel and you should be fine.


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      The Classics can let all sorts of stuff in if you are walking in loose material (sand and small stones/gravel).

      The KSOs don't let rocks in, but can let sand in. You have to cinch them up tight to keep most beach sand out.

      The Flows should be the best at keeping everything out, but are hot to wear in summer.

      I wear my KSOs everyday to work and it doesn't take me much longer to put them on than the classics. They are a size or two too large though...

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