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A Quick and Easy Yoga Sequence

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  • A Quick and Easy Yoga Sequence

    Hey all!

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here is a quite and easy sequence on my blog that anyone can do. It's really about strengthening the lower back, core, and quadriceps so that we gently open the hamstrings. It's a two-pose series, so it takes no time at all. And, i prescribed it for my friend, Tim, and he is *tight*. So, pretty much anyone can do it. You can even do it in a chair if you need to!

    OK, it's on my blog:

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    Thanks so much Zoebird! I am really enjoying growing in my yoga practice! I'm still a baby though for sure! lol
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      That blogspot looks good for yoga newbies...


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        yup. it's going to go all over the map, though. i mean, an older post is good for a mode advanced technique, and i have three more videos to pop up--dragonfly 2, getting into it from standing, bird of paradise pose, and so both of those are advanced, and then grow for neil, which is more basic. and, there will be non-yoga stuff too.


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          Nice one, Zoebird!
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          My blog:



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            i like Sun Salutation. that's the best sequence. will have a look at yours too though!
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              sun salutation is a great sequence. this is just two poses for people to get started, or for people to add to their routines, or whatever.