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  • Sprint More Often?

    Since beginning following the PB, I've been sprinting on Mondays, LHT on Tuesdays and Fridays, and moving slowly the rest of the week (rest day on Sunday). I'm thinking of adding another sprint day in the mix (Thursdays?)

    Does anyone else do a spring/HIIT workout more than once a week? I'm trying to break through a weight loss plateau and am thinking this will help.


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    Try tuck jumps, #9 in this article:

    I'm doing these almost daily, one set of 10-15 (they're tough!) before showering just to elevate my heart rate a bit. Sprints are more physically demanding I think.

    Tuck jumps work the hell out of your entire legs and abs and after a couple you'll notice you're going to be rather winded. I think these are "safer" to do if you're worried about the possibility of chronic cardio/cortisol issues. It's probably fine if you do two sprint days but I think tuck jumps should be considered as a good alternate. The article says to work up to 3 sets of 20. I've done 3 sets of 10 and that's been pretty challenging. I'm sure there's some fit people on this forum that can do 3x20 no problem. Paul Wade recommends that 3x20 three times a week, maybe try it once or twice a week in addition to your sprint day?

    I used to hate on people that didn't sprint in colder months but damn it just got cold here and my desire to sprint has diminished, no excuses for tuck jumps though!!
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      You should be fine doing another sprint day...

      Also, you could add in a conditioning/endurance day instead of just another sprint day. 100 burpees for time is one of my favorites... brutal stuff... add in the knee tuck for added challenge.