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  • Progressive training

    I curious if any of you apply progressive training techniques to your work out progams.

    If so how does your program work. I'm interested in ideas that increase the intensity rather than time.

    I do it for weights. For example lets say I'm doing a bench press at 100 lbs and I do reps until I fail for 1 minute. Next time I try and beat the 1 minute. Once I get to about 3 minutes, then I increase the weight to say 110 lbs. This would lower my time under load, and I would take it to the 3 minute mark again. Then I increase my weight.

    Are any of you doing this with sprinting, rowing, swimming etc?

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    I just try to lift heavier weight progressively, using reps how you describe using time. I've wondered when you posted before about how you use time as a goal. Do you follow a very strict rep tempo? If not, it seems that you could just pause at the top or bottom and "cheat" this way.

    In a way I guess I'm trying to apply this to my sprint training. I got a Gymboss timer and set it for 15 second sprint intervals and 1:30 rest and repeat 6-8 times. I bumped it up to 20 seconds recently. I guess eventually I'll reach a point where I can't go all out for the whole time duration.


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      I try and keep a strict tempo but I admit to being guilty of the occasional pause. When I started... I read an article that suggested using time was better because counting reps may encourage one to "cheat" by adjusting the leverage to get that extra rep in. It isn't uncommon for my last rep to go upwards of 15 seconds or more trying to complete it.

      I guess it comes down to what is best to police one's self.

      When you rest duing your sprints do you monitor your heart rate at all?


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        When I think of progressive training I think about adding weight… progressively. However, the inverse can work too (decreasing weight, adding reps) and that’s what I do most often.

        Sometimes I’ll warm up, then do:

        1st set: As many good reps as I can manage with 50lbs on my back, usually about 5-6 clean ones. Rest a few minutes.
        2nd set: As many good reps with 30lbs. Usually 8-10.
        3rd set: As many good reps with 20lbs. 8-12.
        Final set: As many good ones, bodyweight only. 10-15ish on a good day, sometimes 8-12.

        I haven’t worked on an upward pyramid scheme in a long time (reverse the above example and that’s a more ‘classic’ pyramid)

        Lately though I’ve been working on volume/explosiveness so I’ve been doing strictly bodyweight but trying to explode on ever rep, not content with just chin above bar I’m trying to get to my belly button! Thus far I’m just below my chest above the bar. I’m working in higher rep ranges too but I try to do one heavy day a week still.

        I try to work out often too. I get too bored, rest is necessary but annoying.
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          Interesting. I guess using time instead of reps could lead to less cheating in your form.

          I don't monitor my heart rate at all during my sprints. I've been interested in seeing how high it gets though.


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            This is what I'm doing. The increases are at the bottom.
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