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    I'm a competeing powerlifter and have always had a high carb (as well as high fat and protein) diet. The more I ate, no matter what it was, the more I lifted. Tommorrow I plan to start eating the primal way.

    I wonder if anyone can let me know what I can expect to see happen to my lifting. Will I lose strength and power? Will I adjust and regain any losses if i stick with it?

    If any one is or has been a powerlifter both pre and post becoming primal, I'd love to hear about their personal experience in this matter.


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    I'm no powerlifter however you rarely see a
    competitive powerlifter that is lean and cut. Watch any international strongman competition and they all are built alike. Large, and with a big midsection.

    My guess and my humble opinion is that in order to gain the power and strength to the level they compete at, carbs and meals in general are more oriented for pure power opposed to composition or maybe even health.

    Good luck man


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      I'm interested in this topic too. I've been on primal-like diet for 6 months and weightlifting for 4 months - learning from "Starting Strength" book, blogs and YouTube. I keep reading that you need to put on fat to put on muscle. In my case I've been lifting tentatively, have lost weight but muscles are starting to appear (not sure if that's muscle development or fat loss or both). I assumed that when my progress stalls I'll need to put on weight and maybe achieve that through a little more protein and a lot more fat. I've read Mark Sisson's answer to GOMAD is DEAD (dozen eggs a day) - I'm curious if anyone's actually given that a go.


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        For a while I was eating six eggs a day...


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          I'm no powerlifter however you rarely see a competitive powerlifter that is lean and cut
          You don't go to many meets do ya - check the 198 and 220 raw classes

          Anyway - Ive been eating primal for 6 months - my lifts are all still going up while I dropped several weight classes (SHW to 220). I was out for several years after an off road accident and wont compete again till '12 (plan on raw 198 masters) - so it might be a bit of retraining effect (after 1and1/2 years I should be past that though) ya need muscle to lift not fat and you get all the muscle building protein ya need by eating primal - the saturated fat is good for natural test production. I personally eat some organic fruit pre and post workout for my glycogen stores. While many things will effect your lifts you can expect to compete in a lower weight class and even if you only maintain instead of gain on your lifts while cutting the new class should make a place easier.
          "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do" - Epictetus


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            Thanks Rud3d)g,

            I compete in the 100kg class (220lb), but feel I'd do much better in the 90kg (198lb) class, or the 82.5kg class. I weigh 213 lb, so its a matter of loseing atleast 15 lb of fat, without losing valuable muscle and strength. See I started way down in 67.5 kg class, I was 145 lbs or something. I think I've gone up too many classes, probably with my eat anything and everything attitude. So i've got to fix that now.