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BFL Weight Routine?

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  • BFL Weight Routine?

    I really like structure. Has anyone here used the BFL upper-body routine for your lift heavy things? I used to love it, but haven't used it in a while. It seems like it'd be a great workout...

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    I haven't used since I did BFL 5 yrs ago. I liked it then. Maybe when get through with the PBF body weight exercise, I will add BFL in as well.


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      I hate BFL - it is just another bodybulding, body part split programme i.e. not great for developing primal fitness. Compound (multi planar) movements would be far better.
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        I've done BFL a few cycles, and while it does build strength, it's not functional strength. I was in the midst of BFL when I went Primal, couldn't do a single pull up, now I can do 5. Could I do a big ol stack of weight on the lat pull down? Yep, but it wasn't functional. Much the same with bench press vs. push ups.


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          Who would you just want to lift upper body... no one like big upper body and chicken legs.


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            The Upper Body workout is only one day in BFL, you also do a Lower body workout day.


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              I completed a 12 week BFL challenge in 2001, and was faithful to the program. I did lose weight, and bulked up nicely. I must admit that Bill's program was the first thing that really worked for me. Honestly, I think it did put me on the "path". That's being said, I was single at the time, and had a mindless job with little demands, so I had plenty of spare time on my hands for the program.

              I do think Bill and his brother Shawn have put together programs that can benefit people. However, I personally find it hard to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle. It can be done, and I have done it and it benefited me, but it was admittedly under special circumstances. I now think the PB or Stronglift or "5 x 5 " type of plan is probabaly going to be more beneficial in the long run.

              However, again, admittedly the BFL program did work for me at one time.