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  • Jump Rope Workouts

    I recently picked up a speed rope just to experiment a little on my light days. Anyone have any creative routines for a speed rope?
    -Connoisseur Guy

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    i just mix up the jumps and do intervals - 30sec on 30sec rest
    I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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      Jump on one foot, jump with high-knees, jump with alternating kicks, jumping-jack jumps (feet together, then apart), stuff like that.
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        I use to jump rope alot until the doc said I should stop to save my knees (busted up from martial arts). But I used to love just doing continuous speed low jumps, try to get up to 1000 without a miss. When you miss start counting over!. Also try crossing arms, and also try to get as many spins in one jump as you can, 4 was my max, Jump high spin fast! Just use your imagination!

        I miss jumping... try some times but knees get to hurtin. :-(

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