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Chronic cardio?

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  • Chronic cardio?

    I am just finishing up P90x and about to start PBF. I have a question. In considering the Move Slowly etc part of the program, I am thinking in the spring that will involve a fair amount of hiking. Right now though, it's still very cold out and there is snow on the ground. So, I might, as the book suggests, go to the gym and use the treadmill. I imagine this will involve an hour of walking a couple times a week (55% max HR) or light jogging for an hour (75% max HR). So my question: How is that not chronic cardio, if Im doing that 2-3 times week?

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    2 reasons why that's not chronic cardio:
    1. your heart rate will not be getting up that high. keep it between 55 and 75%
    2. a few hours a week isn't that much. the chronic cardio mark talks about is marathon training and the like. i ride my exercise bike for about an hour every day (until i can go outside and go hiking), keep my heart rate pretty level, and call that my moving slowly.


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      That's helpful rob...thanks.


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        Don't to treadmill. If you are in the gym do something useful that works on skill and flexibility. Get yourself a heart rate monitor - the cheapest from a good brand, you won't need any of the advanced functionality IMHO. Then just practice, and get a feel for the intensity. Much more fun than slow treadmill.....


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          As long as heart rate doesn't get too high, you can't really overdo cardio. Walking for most of the day would be ideal (wish I had a walking workstation!).


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            got home and finally have access to a proper keyboard (...not only and iPad) so let me expand on my previous post.

            I like to do the series from the Verstegen book - for me at least they get the heart in the right range. You can see an overview here Verstegen Series’ | Thor Falk but I would recommend to buy the book Books | Thor Falk (I am not affiliated by the way - I just think it is good value for money).

            I also like to do some Pilates on those days, or sometimes Yoga (but that hurts...). Also - but this is personal - I like to do the "Burgener Warmup" (or a slightly extended version of it, including some front squats with light weights) Olympic Lifting Prep Series’ | Thor Falk because I want to improve my skills in Olympic lifting.

            If you have a HRM you can easily adjust those that you stay between 55-75% of your max HR.