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Merrell barefoot sizing question.

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  • Merrell barefoot sizing question.

    Hello Everyone,

    Wondering what other Merrel Barefoot owners think. I just bought a pair of these:

    Merrell Men's Trail Glove - Barefoot Trail Running Shoes -

    I usually wear an 11 in 'regular' shoes, but went down to a 10 1/2 for the merrells. I wonder If I should have gone down to a 10. I have around 1/2 inch of space from the front of my toe to the front wall of the barefoots. Should they be closer than that?
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    I think they are supposed to be true to size. Merrell shoes all have generous toe boxes. I ordered the Tough Gloves, and they seem okay. I prefer my toes not touch the front of the shoe.


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      I ordered the Pace Gloves and had to return them for half a size larger becaue my second toe was hitting to front of the shoe.

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        Thanks for the input! I have been wearing them since this morning and so far no issues. Feel very good I just get nervous about these things =)
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          Old thread, I know, but thought I'd add my $.02 for newbies like I was, who wonder about fit.

          I just bought a pair of trail running gloves (Merrill Barefoot), and got a pair a full size larger because I was going hiking in the alps and I wanted to give my toes plenty of space. (Bad decision, however, love the shoes.)

          Things I noticed as I was hiking:
          1) The shoe laces up around your arch, like a glove, so there is NO slippage as you walk. No movement of your foot back and forth, no chance of your toes ramming up into the toe box, even when you're hiking down a cliff face and your foot is at a steep downward angle.

          2) Based on #1, I should have purchased the shoe so it fit, well, um, like a glove (duh *smacks head*) Because I sure didn't need the extra space in the toe box.

          3) Because the shoe was larger, my heel didn't fit as snugly as it could have back into the heel of the shoe, there was a very slight gap. I think it would have been nice to have the heel be snug.

          4) The arch support didn't quite line up. It wasn't as noticeable when I purchased the shoes, but if I wouldn't have gotten the larger shoes (for toe space that I didn't need) then the arch support would have better aligned with my arch.

          5) The shoes are comfortable, but if you haven't been walking "barefoot", you'll want to break them in (or break your feet in) for a few weeks an hour or so a day before the hike.

          6) Wow! Does the tread on the bottom of the shoe stick to a trail or what!!! I was very pleased with the stability the shoe provided. I went hiking all over this area, in the tops of the mountains, across rocks, and along tiny little sheep tracks, and I didn't have any slippage issues with the shoe. They even dry quickly when you happen to get your feet wet.

          Hope this helps someone who's considering purchasing a pair of the trail running gloves.
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