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  • proper sprints/HITT protocal

    Hello. I have a couple questions, I'm new to the tribe here. I would like to do a sprint session once a week. I know Mark had mentioned he does Tabata sprints, but only once in a while(I understand they can really tax the body for a day or two). So if thats the case, then what other variations on sprints are recom
    mended for weekly bouts to gain energy pathways,HGHormone,etc.?

    Also, do HITT body weight exercises accomplish the same goal?

    Last question. If the above is true, can I do sprints one week and then HITT body weight exercises the following week for overall coverage? Seems like doing sprints and the HITT exercises same week would be brutal using all that energy and still trying to do my clubbells/etc. 2 to 3x a week on top.

    Anyway-appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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    I will give you my personal view which I have to warn you though is not entirely PB. Couldnt see how old you are and/or what your goals are, but IMHO it is possible to up the frequency of the HIIT sessions a bit. For reference, CrossFit scheduling is on a 3-day-on/1-day-off basis, and at least 2 out of the three days generally have some interval component, which means that in average you are doing intervals every other day.

    Now clearly - the biggest bang for your buck (according to 80/20 principle) - is doing HIIT's every 7-10 days as Mark recommends, but IMHO you can go further than that, assuming it feels right for you.

    I have recently written about Programming Interval Training here: Programming Interval Training | Thor Falk. Have a look if you like. The short answer is: you can do a lot of things as basis for your HIIT, including body- and other -weight exercises. The key is that it is a whole body exercise though - HIIT with biceps preacher curls will not get you very far.

    You then have a large number of parameters that you can play with, especially the length of the work and recovery periods, the overall time, and the intensity (the latter only partially, because it is generally max). IMHO - the more variety here on all parameters the better it is - and the better it is for your recovery.


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      Thank you Thor Falk for info. Basically I am 42 yrs old and I am just looking for good overall fitness for myself. I am currently doing Scott Sonnon CST SYSTEM-Intu Flow daily(joint mobility exercises),Flow Fit(mod. to high int. yogic flows) 1 to 2x weekly, and Clubbells 1 to 2x weekly which are all incredible! BUT I came across Mark's site-now my fav along with Scott's website and was really interested making sure I cover all basis after reading on sprints(energy pathways,etc.). Also, possibly burpees/pull ups too for all around conditioning. Anyway, I will definitly ckeck out you're site that you made and go from there. Thanks again-M


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        You're welcome. Let me know how you like it.


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          I just checked it out and left post. Very impressive and look forward to more reading. Thanks again-M


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            I do Tabata sprints once a week. I just turned 36 and i dont find that they tax my body for a couple of days. I am certainly dead tired when i am done but 20 minutes later I feel fantastic with no lingering with no longering effects. I then lift heavy things following the PB protocol twice a week.


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              Thanks for reply skline2. I will try once a week along with existing exercises I do and see how I feel. I can always adjust as needed too.