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barefooting with blisters between toes

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  • barefooting with blisters between toes

    i've been having ongoing problems with blisters between my toes (not sure if it's athlete's foot, or a result of barefooting) and today i went for a barefoot walk/jog on a trail with lots of grit which really aggravated the blisters. wondering if anyone else has this problem and how you deal with it.
    thanks susan

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    Body Glide is this balm you put on your feet (or wherever) if you have a spot that rubs or chafes. I had a pair of Merrill sandals that gave me grief until the person at the sports store recommended Body Glide. Worked great.
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      I agree...Body Glide rocks. Also something you might want to try walk/jog barefoot until your blisters heel is wrap inch toe with KT Tape.


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        me too agree with Erika