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Nauseous after sprinting

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  • Nauseous after sprinting

    So I've only been primal for a week or so and I'm very out of shape. Hubby and I walked the dogs and decided to sprint home (maybe 30 seconds from home). I was very out of breath after, panting, etc. 5-10 minutes later I feel slightly Headachey and nauseous and I have no idea how to prevent this feeling. Should I only sprint for 15 seconds next time? I walked around a bit to slowly lower my heart rate and I've been drinking water slowly.
    Any advice?


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    lol... it gets easier.

    If you're just starting out, i'd recommend doing hill sprints... although harder, they teach you proper mechanics and the risk of injury is less. 8 rounds x 20 seconds all out would be a good start.


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      Agree with Arthur, it gets easier. But I'd start with a 10-15 second sprint. Do 2. Next time, do 3. Etc. It gets easier. I wouldn't overcommit and try to do 8.

      30 seconds is too long to sprint if you're new at this.


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        Thanks so much I'll try that


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          Thanks Abu, it's good to know that it gets easier.

          I dl PBF so I'll be reading that asap


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            If your new at all this....go easy, go easy! It'll get better, just stick with it!!


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              Are you overweight? If so, go easy on sprinting until you lost some weight. Running and sprinting are exercises which heavily (pun intended) depend on your bodyweight. A good alternative would be cycling - it's also harder if you're overweight, but much easier on the joints, and you can adjust intensity more easily.
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