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  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Primally

    I was reading Mark's latest article about Fitness Benchmarks;

    One of the comments started a small tangent on BJJ. This sparked my thinking; I was exposed to this martial art in 2003 in Army Basic Training, in 2007, I dedicated myself to training.

    I've had endless benefits from low impact, high output workouts (I actually heard about Primal Blueprint at my gym!).

    BJJ perfectly suits the Primal Blueprint fitness program; fast paced moving, strength training, and the best part: You have to use your BRAIN!

    Jiu Jitsu in practice, is a martial art based on using leverage and technique to defeat larger, stronger opponents. Using your brain in BJJ is similar to playing chess, only using your body as the only piece.

    Most gyms offer an introductory program at no-cost to try out a BJJ program. I suggest EVERYONE give it a whirl.

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    I've trained BJJ as well, but it was before my introduction to this site and PB. I agree, though, the primal lifestyle really seems to lend itself to martial arts in general, and BJJ in particular: strength, agility, focus, and being in tune with one's body.