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    My coworker and I are the exact same height, weight, and physical structure. (Slightly over weight and not very strong.) We are allowed to train any way we want and in three months on August 1st we are going to square off in a 5 round competition. Points are awarded to who can: do the most pull-ups, the most push-up in one minute, the most sit-ups in two minutes, the fastest in a 100 yard sprint, and winner of a five mile run. Little does he know of my secret weapon. PB of course! I've just lost 25 pounds and gone from being able to do NO pull ups to a good 6 or 7. In three months I'm going to Win! Wish me luck!

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    Haha! I love it. Fingers crossed for your success.
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      It sounds like you're going to be overtaking your coworker pretty fast in the training! Keep it up, man.


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        really? wish you get your goal.


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          Let your whole office know of the competition. When you beat your coworker and then you reveal your secret weapon it will be a great way to convince them that maybe there is some truth to the PB.
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