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Sore -- should I LHT tomorrow?

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  • Sore -- should I LHT tomorrow?

    I am a fool. Yesterday, I knew it was time to ramp things up on the LHT front (just advancing in the 5 Essentials right now), so I figured out the next step up for each movement and decided I would just ramp one up per workout. Good way to avoid overtaxing myself, no? Except I got so carried away with excitement that I was able to do all my pushup reps, I just forged ahead and advanced on all exercises, pushing myself to do all the reps on those, too.

    WTF was I thinking? I wasn't thinking, and I'm extremely sore today as a result. *shaking head* So, now the question arises, do I do nothing and wait until the soreness is gone, do I do a single series for all the advanced exercises to work out the soreness, do 2 series of advanced moves again, or do I ramp back down to the less advanced movements I've already mastered, just to get the soreness out?

    I'm clueless, as you can tell, so any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    If you're sore, you risk further injury so just REST.
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      It depends on the soreness. If it's due to injury, rear until it goes away. If its just run of the mill DOMS, try and get a light workout in today. Nothing taxing, but enough up raise the heart rate a bit and get the blood flowing. Then if you can do the exercises with full ROM and don't feel weak, start back up. You will experience the best gains as soon as you can after recovery. 48-72 hours should've plenty of time, even if there is still a bit of DOMS lingering, it will go away sooner if you just work that part of the body.


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        I always give myself 2-4 rest days in between LHT workouts--time for muscles to repair/grow!
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          No injury; this is just plain, old DOMS. I think I'll hop on the treadmill for half an hour or so tonight. Going primal has meant changing many of my previous conceptions about fitness, so I just wasn't sure what the wisest thing to do is. I usually do LHT on Monday and Thursday, just wasn't sure if it was best to do a mini-LHT to try to work out the soreness or what.

          I guess CW still applies for this situation. Go figure, lol.
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            Whenever I hurt too much to exercise I just walk. Sprint across streets so the cars don't run you over. It simulates dodging a stampede.
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              I don't think getting back after it is a huge risk. Every so often we are required to execute high intensity tasks day in and day out. Think of survival situations, combat, or elite performance in some form or fashion. It could be good to see if you can repeat a high intensity work out again. You never know what the engine is capable of until you get it in the red. I am not saying it is sustainable, but it won't kill you either.
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                Just the other day, I suffered quite severe soreness. At the end of walking the dogs, I jogged to get the blood flowing.
                Later that evening, I had to chase after my 4 horses who'd gotten out of their field - that included a lot fo walking, some running and a little sprinting. I was so caught up in it that I didn't notice the pain, and what do you know - I felt a LOT better the following day.

                Do some light activity.


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                  If you are scheduled to work out, I would do so.

                  If you aren't, some active recovery - very light weights in the lifts that caused the soreness - can help.
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