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Need advice and analysis on my fitness report

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  • Need advice and analysis on my fitness report

    I got my fitness tested last night. I was in for a surprise and a bit of shock too - my BF% was less than what I thought it was and my aerobic fitness barely passed the "needs work" category. Here's the report:

    BF%: 19.3 (Excellent)

    Biceps Strength(lbs): 42 (Fair) - I was disappointed w/ this

    Back Flexibility (cm): 37 (Needs work) - I kind of expected this

    Systolic Blood Pressure: 110 (Excellent)

    Diastolic: 66 (Excellent) - Both S & D were higher than usual though

    Resting Heart Rate (bpm): 78 (Fit)

    Aerobic Fitness (ml/kg/min): 28.5 (Fair) - This barely crossed the "Needs Work" range

    Total Fitness Score: 56 (Fair - just a tad below the Fit mark of 60)

    My height: 60"

    Weight: 119.1 lbs

    Triceps skinfold (mm): 16.6

    Suprailium Skinfold: 9.8

    Thigh skinfold: 22.6

    The biggest surprise was my BF - my digital scale at home consistently shows my BF to be between 26 and 27. And I believed it was high considering the amount of fat I carry in thighs, derriere and belly. How accurate are these skinfold tests? The person who did the test said for the test to be really accurate, they have to measure at 7 different points as opposed to the 3 he did, but this was a close approximation.

    How do I increase my Aerobic Fitness, flexibility and biceps strength?

    What is your interpretation of this report? What do I have to do get fitter? What has worked for you and shown improvements?

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    Wow maba it's looks like you have a great starting point! The BF issue does seem a little bit odd though, with the 7-8% difference between the calipers and your scale. I don't have a BF measuring scale though, so I really have no clue what mine is right now. Maybe it's in the middle of those two readings, somewhere around 22%? (Which is still awesome!)

    For back flexibility definitely start doing yoga. There are so many wonderful back stretching and twisting poses that will help a lot! I know she's a little cheesy, but I do really love Denise Austen's Yoga Body Burn DVD, it's a great workout even compared to the classes I've gone to.

    I'd also recommend doing your weight training as circuit training, which will help with your bicep strength and aerobic fitness at the same time. I like to do full body compound movements in quick succession, ie: Squats with an over head press with 10-15 pound hand weights (weights in hands, ready for the overhead press, squat down, then do your overhead press as you raise back up), then after a set of those immediately into lunges with a bicep curl, then immediately into an ab hold/exercise of some sort, then immediately into hay balers (look that one up) with one weight, etc. Keeps your heart rate up, and uses your full range of motion with added weight. Oh and keep doing the assisted pull-ups and dips, and work on using less and less assistance (it's hard, I know!!! I'm down to about 40 pounds of assistance myself). I like to do maybe 2-3 circuits of 6-8 exercises for a total of 30 minutes on weight days, and I'm always tuckered out by the end

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      also, keep in mind, a scale BF% is best guess on a few variables. Mine is a combination of weight, height, and fitness level.

      I don't think a scale will ever give you an accurate reading, more of a ball-park at best. I don't understand how those things could possibly be accurate anyways.

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        Vick's posts about static contraction, I think, would be worth looking into if you want to increase your strength.

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          I also get wildly divergent BF values from different methods of testing.

          3-point calipers...about 21 (Yay, but I'm not carrying fat at the places they are measuring, so I know it's not accurate)

          7-point calipers, at gym...26.

          On-line BF calculator (forget which one I used)...28

          (but doesn't take into account muscular, post PB upper body)

          My electronic BF-measuring bathroom scale...30

          So, there ya go. My goal is now to make my "fat" places look like my "skinny" places do now ;-)


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            I'm curious,

            Where do you "test" your fitness, and what makes them credible to tell you how fit or unfit you are?

            I'm not trying to sound critical, I'm actually really curious. Sounds fun




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              Hannah: Thanks for the circuit training suggestion. That's what the person who did my test (a trainer at the gym) recommended too. I used to attend free Yoga classes for a short period many years ago, I must resume it. Yeah, I think my BF might be around 25%, no way do I look like someone w/ 19% BF!

              LTC: True. But I'd really like to believe this is my true BF but I know it can't be.

              PC: Will look into it. Thanks.

              Kuno: I know! I'm sure the fat% ed have been much higher had they used other points, it probably wd have been higher than what the scale shows even. I wish they'd do a more thorough test for the amount they charge (~$50) but thankfully this one was free (every member at the gym is entitled to one free test).

              Sean: This was at the our gym. It's a fairly well-equipped gym and one of the trainers did the test. I had a heart rate monitor on me that was connected to the computer and he used some fitness software to calculate all these values. Since it was late in the evening and they said it was ok to have my dinner, I ate before the test. Wonder if that had any effect of the result.


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                I know on my BF calipers a measurement of 19 is about 25% bodyfat for me at 6'2 male. Did they just read of the calipers or did they convert that reading of a chart that takes in age and height? Also, the 3 point test considering your height might throw things wonky too since the chart is an average. 6' is not average for male or female.

                My scale also gave me a 26% BF when I started. It takes into account height and age then gives you body fat %, bone density, % water, % lean body mass.

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                  Skinfold tests are accurate within 4-5%. They do not measure internal abdominal fat, however.. but that shouldn't be an issue for someone eating primal. The only thing more accurate are high-tech hospital methods (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, water displacement).

                  The home scales are absolute BS! I don't know how they get away with making the claims they do, they measure nothing and are worthless. They simply calculate your BMI (and some factor in your age) and guess your fat% based on that. Don't fall for it!

                  My body fat is 19% with calipers also, and I have a very fat butt. I think it's entirely possible you are very close to this number as you are fairly fit at 5' and 119 lbs.