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  • Shoulder Pain thoughts

    Lately I've been experiencing some weird shoulder pain. it's dull and seems to be right at or around the main socket of my right shoulder towards the top. I get it when I do pull up hangs, push ups, or major rotations (not so much if I do side raises or push presses of any sort). Anyone experience anything similar? I took a few days off lifting to see if it would help and so far it's about the same. I can work though it, but I'd like to know what it is to make sure I'm not hurting myself. Based on location could be aggravated cartilage or it could be rotator cuff (one of these, clearly, being more serious than the other).

    I know I should maybe ask a proper doctor and I probably will, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any similar experiences. Mostly I've been doing the following lately:

    assisted pull ups / reverse rows
    push press

    That's about it.

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    go see an orthopod. stop doing whatever it is you are doing. if it's healable, it needs rest. if it's not healable (tear) it may need surgery, but you aren't doing any favors to it by doing what you are doing if it hurts. (trust me, I'm three years post-op on my rotator cuff/torn labrum).

    It may be as simple as tendonitis, but none of us on teh interwebz can diagnose you.