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  • Sprinting Question

    I am unable to run or jump due to compressed discs in my back. Can someone suggest alternate activities, without running, jumping, or impact, that I could do to replace the sprint portion of the fitness plan and that would produce the same physical benefit? Thanks!

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    I'm a fan of the Schwinn AirDyne. It's a stationary exercise bike with levers that allow you to work the arms as well as the legs. You can use it for extended, slower rides or can crank it up to do sprints. You frequently see these on the sidelines at football games for the players to stay warm between on-field sessions.

    Regular bicycling is also a standard low impact alternative. I swim like a lead weight, so can't be a true advocate, but swimming seems to be a great alternative for lots of folks.

    I also have suffered from low back issues due to disc problems. I found a chiropractor who was able to help me reduce pain through adjustments and recommended home exercise and have improved my back immensely. Just an idea if you haven't tried that route.
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      Here are some alternatives to actual sprinting that I found helpful. I also had some back issues for a while so the biking and swimming helped a bunch. Fortunately, the back issues are now gone (thank you primal!) and and can sprint again.
      Sprinting is great. For my money, it's the best bang-for-your-buck exercise. If you have only fifteen minutes to spare, you can sprint. If you're on the ro


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        Swimming possible for you?


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          I'm going to assume by "better at sprinting" you mean you want to be faster. Pretty much most of what's on these replies so far is in some ways wrong.

          It is extremely important to lean in from your ankles, not your waist, when you sprint. Drive the knees forward and high, kick your elbows back as if trying to jam them into whatever's behind you, keep your shoulders down, and imagine a rope around your waist pulling you forward. In a nutshell, that's proper sprinting form.You can do these up hills. During your rest interval, walk down the hill, walk around, or stand around.