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  • Bonked on keto

    I've been keto since February and more or less a primal version of keto for 2 months. Always have been fit and skinny, 5'9" 140 lbs, before and after keto. Used to eat tons of carbs and developed something like reactive hypoglycemia. I've been doing great for months and months on keto even after intense workouts. Feels like being super human. I've read Primal Endurance and I like the concepts. It mentions if you are keto you will be virtually "bonk proof." Well today I perhaps overdid it at the gym. 30 minute session, overhead press and squats using MSP, little bit of HIIT like burpees, planks until exhaustion, finished with "sprints" on a stationary bike. After 4 15 second sprints all of a sudden I practically blacked out, cold sweats, extremely tingly arms and legs, the works. I suspect low blood sugar/bonk. Took a good hour to feel normal again. Primal Endurance talks about eating some healthy carbs if your heart rate goes above 180-age during a workout, however I did not eat hardly any carbs today, but even so I thought I would be bonk-proof. Thoughts? Totally possible to overdo it on primal keto?

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    After re-reading some sections of Primal Endurance and the article above, I think if I'm going to be running myself ragged with intense anaerobic exercise I will just need some carbs.


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      Hi tadmaz,

      It's always been my understanding most people can afford and/or will legitimately need more carbs when you're doing intense exercise, especially on a regular basis.

      Have you raised your carb intake yet? If so, how are the results so far?


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        I've tried targeted carbs, so for example a small amount of sweet potato before and after some intense sprints. Couple spoonfuls only. So far so good!