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can anyone help me identify this barbell?



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  • can anyone help me identify this barbell?

    Obviously Iím not well versed in fitness equipment, and Iím sorry if this is a silly question but Google hasnít been able to help me find a name for this and I didnít see anything like it on Amazon when looking at various barbells.

    This just looks to me like a shorter (and thinner?) version of a regular barbell. Kind of like a preacher curl bar but itís straight across, without the ďhandleĒ dips in the bar.

    This lady was using the bar to do RDLs and other traditional lifts, just with this smaller bar and (presumably) lighter weights. Sheís using this while balancing on an Indo board, and Iím inspired to do the same on my Vew-Do boards.

    What is this thing? If I canít find one, could a preacher curl bar accomplish the same thing?

    Editing to add the link url without using the forum ďlinkĒ code, which doesnít seem to be working for me. Iím also going to (attempt to) add a thumbnail in another post. Sorry about that...

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    Your link takes you to imgur home page,
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      Sorry about that, Rig D. Not sure what happened there, but I tried to add the url to the post and Iíím hoping that works. Maybe I donít have enough posts yet to add links :/


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        Google for fixed barbell.
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          Yeah it is looking like regular barbell but it is thinner.


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            Yes, thanks sharperhawk and jityu9.

            I came back to update in case any other poor fitness newbs ever saw and wondered what this cool mini-barbell type thing was.

            Jityu9, the one I saw did look a bit thinner and it was also shorter than the traditional barbells I see (which makes sense now that I know what it is, with a fixed weight there's no need for a longer bar). I was looking at various online retail outlets and there were only two 30 lb fixed barbells that offered specs, but the lengths of those were 41 inches -- I think that one was made by Troy -- and another, I think it was from York Barbell was 36 inches. Those are a good size and weight for use on a balance board.

            I've also become kind of obsessed with balanced boards, but I digress...

            Thanks for the replies, everyone.