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    Been on the PB path for about a month now with some very positive results. I am a long time road/sometime MTB cyclist. I have always had this mindset that if I wasn't doing long distance road riding I wasn't working hard enough. Truth is that road cycling is rather boring and in reality I think i loved the machine (I have a kick ass custom bike) more than I love the activity. Now for MTB....I have always had a blast riding the MTB. Anyway, years and years of LD riding and then the ensuing 12 hours of overeating to satisfy the hunger. I use a lot of Hammer Nutrition stuff on the bike and while I have always liked the result the bottom line is that it's a lot of maltodextrin and other stuff that makes me bloat. So, I could go on and on with this story.......but I won't bore you with all of that. I have become a real believer in the Primal way of fitness AND miss my cycling too. Been thinking about returning to the MTB as it is definitely a better full body workout than the road bike. So to you guys that are incorporating some cycling in your Primal fitness life, how are you handling the nutrition pre and post ride?


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    Rode the MS 150 charity bike ride a month ago (actually rode 181 miles over two days), and rode a 62-mile charity ride yesterday afternoon.

    For both, I ate a sweet potato and some smoked salmon for breakfast. Then ate nothing more than the bananas and orange slices that were provided at each check point, along with a Lara bar during the MS 150.

    Post meal? More sweet potato and more smoked salmon. And, as a bit of a "reward" yesterday after dinner, a half-pint of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.
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        I bring some fruit (apple or banana) with me if I ride for more than 1-2 hours (MTB), and when I'm done I just eat a regular meal high in protein and fat, like I would after any other type of workout.
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          for racing offroad (there are not a lot of mtns in tx), i've been having a beef burrito for race-day breakfast (usu about 3 hrs before race). Yes there is a flour tortilla but i'm not gluten intolerant & i haven't had any ill effects from this little bit of grain.

          I too, used to use Hammer stuff, but I'm pretty much done with them. In one of their propaganda literature mailouts, they had an article defending soy protein & that pretty much did it for me. No mas Hammer!

          I've posted this a bazillion times on this forum, so what's one more time?! Instead of hammer products, i now use NUUN. I think if you search "nuun" on this forum, somebody's posted their own "recipe" for it. For long rides (longer than 2.5 hrs), i bring some pemmican (US Wellness meats). It is absolutely 100% better than any hammer long distance product. It will never "churn" your stomach, or at least, it hasn't for me.

          When we vacation in colorado & ride every day for a week, we used to eat pb&j's. This summer, we will be eating pemmican.

          post ride: if we've driven to the ride, i usu bring some dried fruit & nuts to snack on til we get back home. Post race - i have a beer. I'm usu thinking about it in the last 2 miles or so of the race!

          btw, following this not so pristine eating plan (i've given up grains, but not the liquid fermented kind & i do have those pre-race burritos), i'm having my best racing season ever!


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            My introduction to "Paleo" was from my ironman coach. I followed the guidelines in The Paleo Diet for Athletes. During training I used infinit because you specify your own parameters in the mix - how strong it tastes, mix of glucose / fructose, protein?.... Very easy to use while riding, no fiddling with containers. Since you specifically asked about recovery I usually ate almond butter / honey sandwiches with V8 juice or turkey/ cheese. During the last 5 miles or so I would be craving that sandwich. The Paleo Diet for Athletes acknowledges that post-workout you need more carbs than you can realistically get from fruits and vegetables and advises what to eat post-workout.