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    WW had a thing where you were supposed to walk 5k this weekend, so my friend and I hit a local park and accomplished the goal this morning. Yay! (We actually ended up walking 3.25mi since we just couldn't stop in the middle of a lap)

    Now, I'm going to be honest, I don't "exercise" with any regularity. I do Wii Fit yoga because I enjoy it, not for any potential health benefit, we take the kids out and go hiking, though not as often as I would like and usually associated with geocaching versus actual hiking (though we went on a 1/2mi hilly hike this past weekend where I pulled a 30 pound child in a wagon over rocks and downed branches most of it).

    About two laps in I honestly wasn't sure I was going to finish, I had gotten new "athletic" shoes because I have sensitive feet to where walking on grass is uncomfortable and while I was assured by the guy fitting me that they were supposed to be snug to avoid blisters, I had a bleeding blister and was discouraged because walking barefoot was just not feasible for 11 more laps.

    I took my shoes and socks off, sucked it up and walked in the grass for a lap while one of the kids fetched my crocs (of all things, right?) and wore them for the rest of the walk. It was amazing how fast it flew by once we got in a groove of walking and talking and just going.

    After all was said and done, I felt amazingly empowered. I did it, I walked 3.25 MILES! And I did it in 1.5 hours - that's crazy! Yet, I want to do it again... just gotta wait for the half-dozen blisters I have to heal (I ended up with them on the balls of both feet, heels, baby toes, and below the ankle.)

    Who knew I would ever feel this way?

    Edited to add: Yes, I know that there are exercises that you're supposed to do on PB, but I haven't started with those yet. I'm working on one thing at a time.
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    Congratulations on going the whole way! When I first started Primal I did not do any physical activities, I do lots now but when I was at 180 pounds I could have never even tried to do half the stuff I do now. It will all come in time, going for a 3.25 mile walk is an amazing place to start!
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