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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a 'crunchy' knee. I was working out a couple months ago doing a sort of plie and my right knee went all crunchy and poppy. It didn't hurt, but it felt a little uncomfortable and later that night my knee was swollen. This issue has not resolved itself. I can't do squats, plie's, walk up stairs or even stand up without my knee crunching. If I try to just push through it, the crunchiness does turn to pain. I can massage the knee and surrounding areas I can reduce the crunch to an itty bitty one, but I'd really like to fix this!

    I have not been working out at all using this as an excuse to quit everything, but I have the Warrior Dash coming up end of August and if I can't work out I'm not gonna be ready!

    Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think you should see a doctor or a physical therapist.
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      Did the swelling continue for a long time? Does the knee give out from under you sometimes? Persistent pain and the popping sound could indicate ligament damage... You should see an orthopedist.
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        Everything on me crunches. I couldn't be a ninja or an indian.
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          My knees used to "clack" when I walked (doctor said it was ligaments stretching and snapping against the bone). Physical therapy helped improve the situation, as well as weight loss.
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            I agree with Blinda... go to the doctor!
            I have had some bad knee injuries over the years and mine crunch all the time! Someone once remarked- while running beside me- what's that noise? I laughed and said it was my knees! DOH!

            Good luck!
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              We call it the Rice Crispies sound (my right knee). Mosly from injuries over the years and uneven carteledge scraping around
              Weight loss helps. Targeted Leg strengthening helps.

              If it doesn't hurt, talk about what physical therapy will get you there. If it does, then the Dr may want to do an MRI to see if they should go smooth out the carteledge or if you have other degenerative issues that may warrant knee replacement
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                sounds like it's crepitis(sp??). Basically the cartilage under your knee cap is kinda shredded.
                Mine is caused by patella-femoral disorder, an alignment issue and chondro-malacia patella.... abnormal softening of the patella.
                The joys of running on road surfaces for too long!!
                GO TO THE DOCTOR!! But seriously weigh up your options if they suggest surgery. It didnt fix my knees, and I've heard that the odds are now about 50:50 of any improvement.
                Yoga helps as you strengthen and realign at the same time, and the movements are slow and controlled.
                good luck!!!!!


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                  Ajax.....the swelling was totally gone by morning. My knee never gives out on me.

                  Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

                  I have no money so until my insurance kicks in from my new job sometime in August there'll be no doctor visits for me. I'll start doing my yoga again and just take it easy with the chair pose, etc. It seems to me that I've got some stuff out of place. I've also got something popping out of place in the back of my pelvis on that same side back from when I had my son so that may be a contributing factor.

                  I'll stick to yoga for now, avoiding any postures that will aggravate my knee and if needs be I'll be cancelling my Warrior Dash.
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                  "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

                  "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith