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Can I still get a six pack?

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  • Can I still get a six pack?

    When I was born, I had an umbilical hernia. Ever since then, my stomach has protruded slightly. These last few months, I have really gotten into weight lifting, and that includes ab exercises. Well, they keep getting stronger, and I have essentially no fat anywhere on my midsection. However, instead of getting a rock-hard six pack, my stomach protrusion is becoming more and more pronounce I look like a little boy with a chubby tummy! This is not good. I am really getting to my whits end here.
    18 year old, male.

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    What's your height, weight, bodyfat %?

    Give me an example of a typical week's diet and exercise.


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      Depending on the 'ab-excersizes,' they could be the ones CAUSING it! Do you know about maintaining your 'hollow-position'?

      (Here is what I mean-- muscle-gut! )
      Little Saiyan


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        i started to see mine around 11% body fat but they really didnt wake up and come out to play until i got into single digit body fat!

        i went primal in feb 2010
        37% body fat
        38-40 waist

        1 year to the day
        7.8% body fat
        29 waist

        7% body fat
        29 waist


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          I have a good friend with an umbilical hernia who is in great shape and has more of an 8-pack than a 6-pack so I would definitely say it's possible. However, if your hernia is very large you might want to think about having surgery on it because if hernias get too big they can be dangerous things to have.


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            Please elaborate on the "hollow-position".
            I am 5 feet, 8 inches, and 130 lbs. As far as bodyfat is concerned, I couldn't give you an exact percentage, so you'll just have to take my word for it: it is low. Right now I am doing reverse crunches, however, up until a few weeks ago, I was doing regular crunches with weights on my chest. My Exercise plan is Stronglifts 5x5. A week for me goes like this:
            Monday - squats (5 sets of 5), bench press(5 sets of 5), barbell row (5 sets of 5), reverse crunches (5 sets of 10)
            Wednesday - squats (5 sets of 5), overhead press (5 sets of 5), deadlift (1 set of 5), reverse crunches (5 sets of 10)
            Then back to workout one on Friday, workout 2 on Sunday, and so on and so forth.
            As far as food goes, I am on the more carnivorous side of primal. Today I had a packed-plate of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, pork, and goat cheese for breakfast, and a bunch of what I call cocoyakii chicken for lunch (chicken w/homemade teryakii sauce, and shredded coconut instead of rice)
            Two weeks ago I decided to go ahead and try GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) to supplement my weight lifting (it is raw, fresh, goat milk mind you, not the crap from the local grocery store). However, this was a problem before that, and the milk hasn't seemed to be detrimental in any way so far.
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              I would get up to 155ish and develop strength before I worried about abs. You're not going to get ripped doing a gomad program but at 130... you need to add some mass. Worry about abs in a couple of years.


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                Do you have any pics you could post? The chicken sounds delicious. Um, anyhow, the Hollow Position is basically a core position that is extremely tucked and extremely tight that you can take into other excercizes as form. A good way to practice is to find some gymnastics rings and work on your Support Position. Support Position is simply gripping the rings, hopping up, and holding yourself rigid and upright for whatever length of time. Try 15 seconds. Hollow position calls for your pelvis to be tucked, abs pulled toward your spine, and your core held steady. I'm not very good at explaining this... um.. anyone else?
                Little Saiyan


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                  The Compound Strength and Conditioning: CrossFit Vacaville North: Tuesday 11.16.10

                  Here is a post from some random blog that I just found that displays a picture of the hollow position. It takes on different forms, depending on your body's position, of course.

                  Gymnastics Revolution - Gymnastics Interactive - 203-798-8651
                  Here is another one.

                  The back is NOT arched in Hollow. It is entirely neutral. It is as neutral as it can be! If practising it on the floor (great way to start) as opposed to on rings or in a handstand, it means the entire spine is touching the floor.

                  (P.S. Raw goats milk is a magical liquid that is more refreshing than water. I can't even bring it into my house anymore, as I will INDEED drink a gallon of it a day! Or eat a gallon of raw-goat yogurt a day after making it? And I'm a tiny being!)

                  P.S.S. This is the best link I've seen. What a cool way to practice!
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                  Little Saiyan


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                    Jesus! Crossfit. Hollow position. Have to get up to 155. The crap on this list.

                    Your body shape is mostly genetically determined. You can enlarge muscles to a degree. You cannot change their basic shape. You cannot make yourself into someone else's body with the right type of training.

                    You don't have to add any muscle. You don't have to get a six pack. You don't have to suck in your gut all the time. You have been conditioned to find your body inadequate by media. People hardly knew what a six pack was in 1970. No one thought about it.

                    You sound like you are very fit. I bet you have a great body. Why not try to enjoy your body the way it is and find someone else who feels the same way about it? When the stomach muscles are relaxed, they tend to protrude a bit. This is natural. It can be viewed as attractive. The more you look at pictures of people who look the way you want to look, the worse your body will look. You can end up like one of the many muscle freaks on this and other lists, packing on freakish amounts of muscle that mostly make other people laugh into their hands. Or you can build up the body you have and enjoy it.

                    As far as six packs are concerned, they have to do with exposing the muscle. The lower the body fat, the more the six pack. You cannot change the basic shape of your muscles or their position vis-a-vis your skeleton. You can suck in your gut for the camera if you want. Aside from that, try to enjoy life. Love yourself the way you are.


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                      This isn't an Oprah Wimphry message board BookstoreCowgirl.

                      He is on the gomad program so obviously trying to bulk. A 130 lb guy could stand to add significant muscle. You can't really be on a gomad program and expect to have abs as well. That's why I said to focus on the bulking goal first.
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                        Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
                        This isn't an Oprah Wimphry message board BookstoreCowgirl.

                        He is on the gomad program so obviously trying to bulk. A 130 lb guy could stand to add significant muscle. You can't really be on a gomad program and expect to have abs as well. That's why I said to focus on the bulking goal first.
                        Why do you say that GOMAD and abs can't go together?
                        And yes, while BookstoreCowgirl was obviously well meaning in her post, I am most certainly trying to bulk-up, an area in which SL5x5 and GOMAD have helped considerably. However, I do find this hollow point position thing very intriguing. This position is, at one point in the movement, attained when performing reverse crunches. I think I will give hollow rock a try as well, just to help gauge myself, if nothing else.


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                          If you're bulking, you won't drop bodyfat... you most likely will add to it.


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                            Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
                            If you're bulking, you won't drop bodyfat... you most likely will add to it.
                            +1 to this. If you are doing GOMAD you likely WILL add body fat darn-near regardless of the quality of milk you are consuming.

                            It's not IMPOSSIBLE to maintain/add muscle while losing fat but it will be frustratingly slow. I've done it myself.

                            In my area a gallon of raw cow milk runs $8. Goat milk commands about a 50% premium at $12. If you are truly consuming a gallon of whole milk per day then I assume you have some access to cash because you're looking at anywhere from $240-360 per month for the stuff. Either that or you have ready access to a cow or goat.

                            If you've got that kind of cash, maybe you could spend the money to get a baseline professional hydrostatic or BodPod BF measurement ($30-50), continue the GOMAD and then do another measurement 30 days later. If the muscle you've gained is worth the fat gain to you then continue with it. If not, then maybe consider dropping all dairy and focus on leaning out.

                            One thing I've noticed about the SL forums is that folks over there are usually really bad about estimating their starting stats with regards to BF% and most didn't track it consistently while doing GOMAD...most likely because it's almost a given that you will add fat.

                            The above BF methods will be most accurate and consistent. Calipers are only accurate if a thorough (multi-point) test is done by a well-trained individual and electrical impedance (handheld and scales) are wildly innaccurate depending on a multitude of factors ranging from time-of-day, to sodium intake to the contents of your bladder, etc, etc, etc..
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                              Actaully, I am getting goat milk for 6 dollars per gallon. Is it driving me broke? No. But I am not rich by any means. Besides, I am only doing it for 2-3 more weeks.