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forward head posture, relief?

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  • forward head posture, relief?

    I am noticing that my head is more forward than it should be and I am stiff in the neck and shoulders, do you have any exercises that might help?


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    This is an exercise that I give my patients with postural syndrome, the video is well done and shows a good example of the exercise. I am a Physical Therapist, I hope it helps.


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      My chiropractor gave me an easy exercise to reduce shoulder blade pain - I had very rounded shoulders and poor posture due to sitting in front of a computer all day and having big boobs!

      Stand in a doorway that has a flat stretch of wall on each side. Spread your arms out so that they're pressed up against the wall (imagine yourself as Jesus on the cross). Then lean your full bodyweight into the doorway and hold for 30-60 seconds.

      This exercise stretches out tight chest muscles and lets your back and shoulder muscles relax.
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        I have a little foamy thing (you could probably use a tightly rolled hand towel or a yoga block) that my chiro had me put under my lower neck (right where that knob of bone is). Gravity pulls your head towards the ground and lets those muscles relax. I have a pretty intense forward head posture, so I know what you're dealing with! We started at 2-3 minutes, and each day added a minute until we were at 20.


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          our recent healium blog has some feldenkrais on it that might be of some use to you! the current video is me, but if you scroll down, the next one is oli doing feldy.