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drinking alcohol on the primal blueprint?

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    For years, I really hated the taste of beer. But then a couple of years ago I decided it wasn't all that bad. In fact, beer was GOOD!

    Of course, then I started eating Primal and beer was not on the menu for me. I really craved it for a few weeks, and now I really don't have any desire for it.

    I keep meaning to make a NorCal Margarita, but I just don't get around to buying the tequila, so I must not want it too badly.


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      I believe it's because that train of thought isn't relevant. Grain-derived alcohols hold little-to-none of the qualities of that from which they come.

      Additionally, liquors (such as tequila, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey) contain no carbohydrates. There are some studies out there that actually speak of a benefit in ingesting such items to help with insulin sensitivity.


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        My new end of day libation is 4 ozs seltzer, 4 ozs POM pomegranate juice--pure-- over lots of ice and with lots of angostura bitters.

        Who needs alcohol?
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          I had my first beer since being pretty strict paleo (95%) for a few weeks and the results were......not good. I felt so awful at the end of the night (just after one beer!) and today was even worse - I had a headache, stomach ache, you name it. Could have been the nachos I ate too


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            Redbridge is a gluten free beer that is pretty tasty, its no imperial stout but there are some gluten free options out there.


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              I'm warming up to hard liquor, lately, with Brandy, and Rum being my favorites.
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                I'm a homebrewer, so I still have beer, but what I noticed is that I don't get a buzz like I used to.
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                  So I decided to test myself with beer tonight... "in my heyday" (like three months ago or so) I could put down 5-6 high grav beers.

                  Had 5 tonight, averaging 6% and I'm far more effected than I should be, also having some asthma like issues. Lots of potential variables, but it's like being 21 again. (Ok, 19. )

                  Could it be a simple matter of sensitivity to the grains? Or lack of exposure?
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                    I am definitely more sensitive to it and it causes me to drink a lot less than I did 2 years ago in college. I never used to drink below 6 and it was a problem. Now I find I appreciate the dark beers a lot more and can feel a nice buzz after a couple. I sometimes drink a glass of wine as well with dinner. I still do sometimes go all out on the weekends if my friends are out but I don't drink as much.


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                      I know this is an old thread but I find I have a very low tolerance for alcohol since going primal...does anyone else have this problem? I'm 33 and single and do drink for social reasons! I just can not handle alcohol anymore! I have celiac so I can't drink beer unless its GF.

                      Does anyone have this problem?


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                        I think I'm a little more sensitive to the alcohol, but I have far less side effects than before going (mostly) PB. I love craft beer, but half the time it caused me to get severe headaches after drinking multiple, or high gravity, beers. Wine wasn't as bad, I suspect because there is less residual sugar?

                        Anyway, in the six months since going primal, having a beer or two has not resulted in one of those headaches, and I have felt fine the next morning on the 1 or 2 occasions when I've over indulged.


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                          Originally posted by jakey View Post
                          hey, does anyone find that alcohol just seems to feel different when you're eating/living primally? i seem to be more sensitive to it, both at the time of consumption, and the next day (i.e. hangovers & headaches). it generally seems less appealing, which i suppose is a good thing in and of itself... but am i alone in feeling this way?

                          i was never much of a drinker before, by the way...
                          Most definitely. After 2 glasses of wine after not drinking for 2 weeks, I'll get pretty tipsy and feel like shit in the morning. The only remedy I've found is to continually drink all week to build the tolerance, then it's not so bad.

                          Healthy and recommended? Nope. Unless you're in college.
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                            I definitely feel tipsy faster. Two to three drinks and I'm done. I also have a jigger and measure the alcohol. Gluggng can lead to a very bad ending. Since keeping it to tequila or vodka, the morning after has me feeling a little off instead of the hella headache.



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                              I'm a little more sensitive to alcohol than I used to be before primal. How I'd feel after 9 beers now only takes about 6. Hangovers haven't been an issue, even with cheap swill that I usually drink. Before a party, I make sure to eat a large meal with lots of protein and drink a few glasses of water when I get back home. Works every time!
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                                Originally posted by Abu Reena View Post
                                when I drink scotch and wine, I have no problems. Beer wreaks havoc with my system now.
                                Add cider to the list of acceptable things and that sounds like my experience too.

                                I tolerate dry stout (eg Guiness) pretty well too, but I don't think it does me too much good either, ultimately.