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Need a more suitable PRE-workout fix!

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  • Need a more suitable PRE-workout fix!

    Right, so here it is. On a workout day, I have 4 rashers of bacon and 3x eggs when I wake up. A couple of hours later I shall have a banana....20 minutes later i'll have my pre-gym coffee then another 5-10 minutes I shall hit the metal.

    This has been doing me well. I have managed to join the 100k squat club, a 50kg overhead press, 115k dead, 70k bench and a venerable 65k bent over row. I'm 168lbs and am enjoying my progression. But I am beginning to get gassed and I think I need more in the tank to keep the power-outage up during lifting.

    I think the banana isn't cutting it.

    What are some good pre-workout snacks/shakes that keep you kicking ass during heavy lifting (3x5 heavy stuff)

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    If you understand the role of the hormone insulin, then you'll know how best to feed yourself for optimal performance.


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      ok thank you


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        Mark's recent post mentioning MCT oil has me intrigued as a possible pre-workout alternative. Evidently it's rapid ketogenic energy, which sounds ideal to me.
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          A little bit of starch from oats, rice or potatoes pre-workout ain't gonna kill you. Especially not if you don't need to lose weight and are trying to bulk up.

          If that sounds like too much of a stretch then you might add a second fruit in the morning before your workout, or stuff your breakfast meal with tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots.
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