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    Ok i need help i use a bodybuilding fat loss Calculator and to do a 15% deduction and still build muscle i need to take in 2036 and 250 carbs. I weigh 156 if your wondering so how taken in that many carbs even if it was good carbs help me loss weight?????? I know people that do it but they go to a gym and workout 5 times a week i only workout 3 times a week so can anybody help me on this?

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      Because you are at a calorie deficit! and obviously lifting correctly right now High carbs doesn't = weight gain. It can, with other implications, but you can find program upon program and millions upon millions of people that have built muscle, dropped fat, lost weight, on a calorie deficit and 50% of calories from carbs(food pyramid style carbs) if the strength training is intense enough.


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        Keep those extra carbs to around workout times only and you should be fine. So that means low carb the rest of the time. I weigh the same and ingest 250-300 carbs on workout days without issue. My calories are higher though (recomposition).