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  • Question bout exercise and pain

    I had a cervical spine fusion a year and a half ago. Since then I have had severe neck, shoulder and arm pain. So bad they are wanting to implant a device to help with pain. I just had a bone scan done and doc. Called and said we need to stop all treatment till he can get me in to talk about results. now I'm a nervous mess but that is besides the point. All that to say I can hardly move without bad pain, is there any exercise I can do that won't hurt but help? I'm a diabetic and while I don't weigh much I can't afford to gain. I ha e already went up by 20pd. This had got to stop as my sugars are climbing with my weight. I am new to paleo eating but tried a year ago. I know it will help but how good is it to eat right but not get the excersise I need too? Sorry if this doesn't make much since im in a great deal of pain and not taking pain meds except over counter stuff which is like tic tac thanks for reading. Amanda
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    Amanda, I really respect that, at this point in your life, you're looking to try to improve your situation, rather than just feeling hopeless about it. That kind of attitude will take you far. I'm not a doctor or a trainer, so I don't feel really comfortable giving advice in your situation. That won't stop me, of course, but there's my disclaimer. Have you read Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness yet? If not, read it and see what modifications you need to do to it, so that it will work for your situation. Since they're simple body weight exercises, I can't see why your doctor would object to you trying to strengthen yourself using them, BUT please show him what you're planning to try before you start. It sounds you might definitely need your doctor's input before you try anything new.

    I don't know how much you've read on Primal lifestyle, but if you haven't (and even if you have), do as much reading on Paleo/Primal nutrition and fitness as you can. Robb Wolf is a really good author if you're like me and need things spelled out for you with science. Mark's Primal Blueprint is better if you don't need to know intricate details but just want more of an overview on what and how. Mark says that diet is 80% of the equation, and I've been really helped, mentally, by the change in my diet. I just feel more clear-headed, MORE AWAKE, more able to be active in general with the change in my diet.

    One thing about Primal/Paleo nutrition is that it really works to reduce inflammation that many foods in the SAD (Standard American Diet) may cause. For example, grain can be causing your body to be in worse pain, since it's very inflammatory. This article from Nourished Kitchen explains it better than I can.

    If you don't want to shell out a lot of money for books on the subject, I'd suggest seeing if your local library has any books on the subject, so you can read before you buy.
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      Definitely fix your diet. This will give you the opportunity to heal as much of your body as you can.

      The foundation of primal exercise is walking. That's a very good place to start, and I doubt your doctor will say anything bad about it, as long as your spine can handle it.


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          If I remember correctly from the book- the biggest "epigenic" factor (in terms of re-programming your genes for optimal expression), is what you eat. Approximately 90%. Exercise is the other 10%.

          You can go primal without high intensity interval training. Just walk and do what's comfortable. If you really want the intervals without impact or fear of further injury/ pain, try a recumbent bike.

          Get your eating squared away, see how your body reacts after your inflammation comes down, and you might be surprised.

          If you are diabetic, then you ARE in the right place!
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