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Slimming down in a hurry

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  • Slimming down in a hurry

    Hello all!

    Alright so i just have a question for all the PB'ers. I have a very important outside event next week and I'd like to look my best. Currently weighing 136 lbs I have abs showing but not as defined as i'd like. So with one week to go, I researched some weights to lose (water) weight effectively. I know this is not a permanent solution but it's acceptable to me for this one event. So my question(s) are:

    1. If i cut out most sodium for the next 6-7 days will i see any weight reduction?
    2. The day before my event, I am going to try a sauna or "steam room" for an extra loss would this work?
    3. Diuretics (coffee would be my choice) and reduction of water intake before the event are supposed to help? is this a myth or is there some actual science.


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    ECA stack. It works.
    Diuretics, no sodium or carbs and minimal fluids the day prior.
    Some last minute simple carbs / sugas before the event. Some say it helps with vascularity and filling out muscle bodies - get this wrong and you'll just look flat.

    On the flip side, you may wind up with heart arthrima and spasmodic muscle cramping, so take it with a grain of salt.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      ECA = SubQ or similar products? I think Ephedra is banned in Canada, that's why I ask.


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        So if you want to look really cut on the day of the event, you can use the trick that most bodybuilders, male models use. My guess is that Mark uses it for his photo's as well.

        Preparation H.

        Bodybuilders mix it with apricot oil and rub into their abs and othe rmuscles about 30 minutes to an hour before their event. Many elderly people also use it on their wrinkles.

        You may want to try it first. Prep H has a distinctive smell - perhaps the apricot oil ameliorates that. Also not sure how shiny the apricot oil will make your skin. The prep H by itself will absorb and not show after short time. The Apricot oil will likely be absorbed with enough time and the proper amount.

        Not sure what the proportions are to the mix.

        Remember Preparation H's by line ' shrinks swollen tissues' - it will work on skin too and pulls it tight over the muscles..



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          Fatty Acid Oxidation
          How to Lower Your Blood Sugar


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            The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook by Lyle McDonald | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

            Obviously you're cutting it very close. In a nutshell you can go on a zero carbs, zero fat (apart from essential fatty acid), all protein diet with about 600 calories a day. You're basically going on a protein sparing modified fast - and that will actually also produce short term effects as far as water weight is concerned.
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