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kettlebell form videos?

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  • kettlebell form videos?

    So I just got my kettlebell in the mail (UPS guy seemed a little irked, heh). It's 45 lbs, which is a little on the heavy side for me but I'm betting it won't be in a few weeks and I wanted to only buy one (financial constraints). I want to make super duper sure I'm not hurting myself, so can anyone recommend some videos that show proper form for the exercises?
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    "Enter the Kettlebell" by Pavel
    There is a book and a DVD.



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      Youtube works too. ETK is the definitive, but they definitely charge you for their expertise.


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        I strongly recommend that you find a qualified KB instructor in your area and do a few sessions to get the basics down.

        Pavel's DVD/books are great, but there is no substitute for 1-on-1 instruction!
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          Unfortunately I can't see an instructor. The nearest one to me is an hour's drive away and I just can't really afford the combination of money and time. I've put a hold on the book, but it's not due for another few weeks so I was looking for recs on videos to just get started. Thanks though!
          “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” -- Joseph Campbell


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            Mike Mahler is great for kettlebells.
            Steve Maxwell is also really good.
            Dragon Door has good stuff as well.

            But as Al Kavadlo stated, nothing will beat 1-on-1 instruction. Dragon Door has links to find instructors.
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              Average to Elite kettlebell corrections videos by the popular and excellent Jordan Vezina:

              ‪averagetoelite's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

              Also check out their 5 Dollar Workshop

              The Five Dollar Workshop « Average To Elite Performance

              There are likely RKCs in your area that don't have a gym but might make a house call. Like skink said, check Dragon Door.

              45lbs is very heavy for a girl to start with. It took me months to work up to swinging a 16 kg. I can only press 10kg max for one rep on the left. But I can deadlift the hell out of The Beast.

              You must be a really strong lady. GOOD LUCK!


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                also look for Steve Cotter and Andrea Ducane videos on youtube.


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                  I assume you're female? 45 pounds is pretty heavy. I started with an 18 lb, and just recently bought a 35lb (16kg) (been doing kettlebells for a while). I'm fairly strong, too. Proper form is critical if you're going to be swinging that big of a bell around.

                  Skoggs has excellent instruction - Skogg System But, man, I would truly get instruction if at all possible.
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