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building my workout schedule post crossfit

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  • building my workout schedule post crossfit

    Due to financial reasons, I have to take a hiatus from crossfit. I was doing crossfit 5x a week, with the occasional walk/bike ride/hike thrown in.

    Prior to crossfit, I was doing kettlebell workouts in the basement. I had a RKC II trainer who would email me a fresh workout every day. I didn't progress as much I would have liked due to my natural tendency to 'mosey' through a workout. Crossfit should have cured that. I have over a year's worth of professionally designed kb workouts that alternate between lower body, upper body, cardio, core and full body. They also incorporate some bodyweight work. These are all designed to be high intensity (under 15 minutes)
    Depending on the movement, I use one or two 12kg kbs . I need to buy a 16 but that may have to wait.
    so here is my question. I just read the PBF ebook. I am trying to bridge the two modalities. I do want to work on my bodyweight work. ( I am 5'6", approximately 225 lb, so its a LOT of work!)

    Should I do my KB workouts 4-5 times a week and add in once a week sprinting, 1 day of of the bodyweight the 'primal movements' and go for walks in the neighborhood every day? plus play on weekends? Or is there a better way.

    I also want to test myself at regular intervals to see how I am doing on box jumps (my big nemesis) and burpees (oh, how I hate you burpees) by doing time trials. How often should I do this?

    My goal is to lose weight. But I would like a triumphant return to crossfit. I hope that I will continue to lean out (which will make the biggest improvement for most of the workouts and movements) and be stronger. However, I recognize that the technique-driven oly lifts like the the snatch will suffer.

    Thank you!

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    I'm finally freed up from a previous goal to move on to CF, but I have too many other things I need to do with my money first, so I'm eager to see any responses to your question! Definitely planning on investing in some kettlebells when I can find a good deal.
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      wish i had enough time to workout that much... oh wait no i dont!

      fwiw your diet will do more for you if you are trying to lose weight then any crossfit class.
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        Yeah, I'd focus on losing weight and functional lifting over pimpin' my O-lifts.

        I wish you the best of luck! 5x a week sounds like a lot!
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          You could still do a type of crossfit WOD at home If you could. Many people don’t think they can do this. I train at home everyday alone with what gear I have gathered myself. Now that I have allot of stuff that Ii can do most of the WODS with I find myself lucky. But when I did start off all I had was a 16kg KB, a doorway pull-up bar, a home-made sandbag and an ab-mat. I saw amazing results from using these to my advantage and I used many workouts from crossfit as a template. For example:

          Helen is:
          3 rounds of:
          Run 400 meters
          1 1/2 pood Kettle bell X 21 swings
          12 Pull-ups

          Mod it to:
          Run 400 meters
          what ever weight of KB you have X 21 swings
          12 burpees/ pushups/ squats/ pistols/ lunges/ sit-ups/ handstand push ups.

          It takes very little to make a box for box jumps, and a sandbag that can be used in so many ways. I even use mine for wall ball.

          Make it as challenging as you like. Heres some handy resources that you may find useful (all family and work safe):

 - A list of crossfit body weight workouts.

 - WODS with Kettle bells.

          The WOD Shop - Online CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) Generator a database that has different types of workouts, just search for what gear you want to use.

          Gymnastics WOD | - gymnastic workouts

          Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out! - Great information and workouts, hints and tips.

          Im sure others will add to this but I hope this helps for now! Feel free to contact me if you need anything else and enjoy =D!


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            i've been doing paleo

            I have been doing paleo nutrition since january. I'm three days shy of completing a whole30. I am hoping that will have pushed me past a weight-loss plateau.
            I am planning on merging crossfit w/ my kettlebell workouts. I have a pull-up bar, and bands for assitance. My husband is building me an adjustable plyobox.

            I read primal blueprint fitness yesterday. I liked what it said. I am trying to figure out how to mesh my kettlebell/crossfit workouts with the pbf guide.
            Because I am accustomed to the intensity, should I maintain the 5x a week/15 minutes of kb/xfit style work, and add in the pbf schedule on top of it? I would like to be more accomplished with the 5 primal movements. So maybe I should do that once a week, and do walking/biking/playing too? Is that too much?
            help me put together a routine!


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              I can do most of the WOD's that get posted on my friends CF sites.

              I do them in my garage with equipment I bought from craigslist, I would say that for about a 100 dollar investment you can do 95% of the WOD's that come up.
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                but the questions is: how do you combine the CF wods with the primal blueprint schedule?