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Seeking creative water workout ideas

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  • Seeking creative water workout ideas

    Hey ya'll,
    I teach water aerobics classes several times a week and am looking for creating water workouts I can use.
    I have been teaching an deep water interval class using floatation belts, noodles, and weights, or no flotation devises. Generally depending on the ages and activity levels of the participants i am trying to incorporate 6- 30sec sprints into each class. I am interested in any thought or ideas ya'll have that will help me make these classes fun and challenging. I love being in the water and have worked with a lot of folks that would benefit from the ideas primal blueprint fitness offer, but are not able to withstand the impact out of the water.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas!!!

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    Great! I take a water interval class myself. But I doubt that I can teach you anything.

    We do about 8 intervals, a few of them longer than 30 seconds. But 30 seconds leaves me gasping for air, so I tend to go easy until the teacher says 30 to go. My understanding of sprints is that you are making your body think that it barely escaped from a predator so it better get faster and stronger. So I imagine a shark chasing me.
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