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Anyone else do willPower Method workouts?

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  • Anyone else do willPower Method workouts?

    For several years the YMCA where I work out has offered a group exercise class called "Willpower & Grace". In spite of the somewhat goofy name (which sounds like they were tapping into the popular-at-the-time TV show "Will and Grace") it is a terrific workout. I think they have recently changed it to the more formal sounding "willPower Method".
    I'm just curious if anyone else on this forum has heard of this workout or if you have participated. It is a barefoot workout that combines yoga, pilates and bootcamp. It's very cardio intensive coming mostly from squats and other functional and explosive movements. It's been great for my feet and ankles and my balance and it works the lower body so completely that it's all I need for the entire week (in terms of specific lower body work). I was so unbelievably sore after doing it for the first time that I was afraid of ever missing a week lest I have to go through that pain again!
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