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Creating a viable plan for improving my body shape

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  • Creating a viable plan for improving my body shape

    Here's my situation:

    I'm 45, 5'3", 113 lbs.

    I look decent in a bathing suite, however, I want to build muscle and have nicer abs so that I can feel better and for long-term health reasons.

    I've eaten "clean" (mostly free of gluten, dairy and processed foods) for many years. I have been primal since January and love it. I feel a lot better since adding in protein (I eat a lot of red meat now) and dropping all grains.

    BTW, I'm one of those people who probably just shouldn't cheat. I have hashimoto's (an autoimmune issue) and can feel things flare up if I cheat. BTW, a cheat to me is too much fruit or some cheese or a few tortilla chips, or clean dark chocolate. Never gluten, never a cookie or bread, etc.

    Also, my husband and I are 85% complete on a green, sustainable home we built (mostly ourselves) on an old farm. That was a ton of work and we moved and lifted heavy things a lot for several years (I took 2 years off from my marketing/sales career to build).

    Now I work in a professional position and am at an office/home-office 5 days a week. Come Friday, though, I drive to our farm (40 miles away) and spend every weekend working to finish our house. Sidenote: We're a little burned out on the house building, but gotta do this last finish work or we'll never get done!

    In all of this, I am obsessed with improving my body shape. I want to build muscle in my arms, legs and torso. BUT, I really need something simple, but it has to be kind of laid out for me. I hate to sound lazy, but I just don't have the time, patience, nor energy to design a plan.

    I've toyed with the idea of P90x, but that might take too much energy (unless I reduce the # of days per week). I love the idea of cross fit, but need a DVD or something. My overall energy/commitment isn't always consistent b/c I try to do too much! But, I know if I keep it simple, I'll do it (I was a dedicated runner, yogi, etc. in the past).

    I love walking, sprints, yoga and simple weightlifting. I have a full weight set, Nordic Track (I love it) and lat pull down machine in our home. Not chin-up bar, though I'd like one.

    Can anyone suggest a plan, a DVD or a couple of DVDs or a simple book/plan to get me going?


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    Primal Blueprint Fitness (free ebook) will probably be perfect for you. All you'll need is a pull up bar (or something like one to do pull ups on.) All bodyweight, w/ options to add weight later as you get higher in the levels.

    HTH! Congrats on your green home--how wonderful!
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      yup, the primal blueprint fitness is great.

      i mostly do yoga -- just doing sun salutations (which you can look up online) is a great way to get things going too.