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  • Endurance issues

    Hello all!

    I had my first hockey game of the fall season last night. I was off for about 3 weeks, and dedicated myself to primarily lifting heavy things, and move slowly, so as to allow myself to rest up and recover.

    I was fast, agile, strong... but towards the end of the game I felt myself getting slower, more sluggish, and winded after about 30 seconds of play.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to increase my endurance? The games are about 75 minutes, with about 1-1.5 minute shifts, and off for about 2-3 minutes.

    I'm playing on two teams, so there is quite a bit of hockey in my future between now and april. My lower level team I am relied on heavily as a primary defender, so its important that I stay sharp in the critical parts of the game.
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    i'd say bring a water bottle with some brown rice syrup and start drinking it when you feel your preformance slipping. The syrup/water will hydrate you and give ou energy while not messing with your stomach (drink it slow though)


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      good lord, rice syrup? I know that would give me a terrible stomach ache. I used some Clif's shots brand drink mix once that had rice syrup in it & it was just awful. Cramped up like immediately.


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        Hey thanks! Ya maybe a couple sips couldnt hurt, and keep it diluted. My team will think I'm weird, but they already do so no big!

        I was primarily interested in types of activities I could do in between game days. I used to do HIIT on the elliptical (cant run - knee issues), 2 mins high, 2 off, but I guess thats not primal so Im trying to find something to supplement lifting and moving slowly, while getting enough rest.

        Thank you! (And ya I will test it out at the gym first to make sure I wont hurt my stomach in a game)


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          Sounds like you're hitting the wall.... Are you low-carb? If you're engaging in any sort of intense physical activity you should be eating lots of safe starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, rice, tapioca, etc.


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              This is your first game of the season? I'd just say "play more hockey". Your endurance will improve rapidly as you get back to 'game fitness'. I don't think this needs to be complicated too much...
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                Fat doesn't convert to energy as quickly as carbs and having done some time in the wild, we had learned which plant sources were safe for fuel between the fish or game we caught. It sounds like you've already got the training base, but, you need a low GI source of carbs to provide a quick replenish of your glycogen stores.

                BTW, Vilhjalmur Stefansson may not be a good reference point for low carb. He had multiple serious strokes in his 60s and died of a massive stroke in his late 70s or early 80s. He also stated "milk is modified blood" and is not well thought of as an explorer.

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                  Thank you all!

                  My 2nd game went a lot better. I had a sweet potato about an hour before the game, and a combination of that and being back for the 2nd game REALLY improved my fitness.

                  I guess I was just a little concerned after my first game, but hopefully the trend will continue as the season wears on.

                  Also, the sweet potato before a game is going to become a ritual!


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                    I have been using chia seeds in my water bottle for long runs prepping for a half marathon. If it works for the ancient Mexican endurance runners, it should work for me, right?