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Revised workout plan

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  • Revised workout plan

    Let me know how this sounds, I walk the 2 miles everyday because I'm not on my feet very much during the day

    Sunday: AM: tabata sprints
    PM: walk 2 miles

    Monday: walk 2 miles
    15 minutes of 'lifting heavy things'

    Tuesday: walk 2 miles

    Wednesday: walk 2 miles
    15 mins. 'lifting heavy things'
    60 mins yoga

    Thursday: walk 2 miles

    Friday: walk 2 miles
    15 mins 'lifting heavy things'

    Saturday: walk 2 miles

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    Looks awesome!


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      Wow! I think that looks terrific!
      F, 44 years old, 111.8 lbs, 4 feet 11.5 inches (yes, that half inch matters!)

      **1st place sparring, AAU TKD regional qualifier, 2/15/15 - It's damn good to hit like a girl!**

      **First-ever 5K race 11/28/13: 37 minutes, 18+ seconds, no stopping**


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        Thanks! It's still a little hard to get used to the less is more approach of working out, but I feel like I found a plan I can stick to


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          That looks perfect.

          What heavy things are you lifting?


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            Originally posted by darthgall View Post
            That looks perfect.

            What heavy things are you lifting?
            Myself! haha. I'm doing push ups, plank, squats, kettlebell swings, turkish get ups, and I try to do pull ups. I'm not strong enough yet but I use a chair and then slowly lower myself to the ground, it's like a reverse pull up I guess.